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22-08-2007, 15:12
With Apoc on its way I have decided to finaly start the IG army I have wanted for 12 years.

Now I have already decided to get the IG Company boxed set for xmas, and I will be getting the the Apoc Gamers pack for my birthday (the wif has said yes so i am sticking with it)

the thing is i have saved up some money to buy other stuff, now after the FW stuff i am getting at GD I should have at least 150 to spend

I was thing of either the IG Tank Company or maybe the ogryn auxila set with the leman russ squadron. I am not sure..

what do you guys think?

Lord Malorne
22-08-2007, 15:17
pure and simple guardsmen is the way forward. you can never have to many of them. and as a guard player do not forget the allies you can take such as deamon hunters and witch hunters.

22-08-2007, 15:37
IMO, the ogryn auxilla would be scary alongside the company, keep at the front :)

if your after balance, then i would suggest the tank company, IF your up for a sea of grey sprues for the next 20 years :D:D

22-08-2007, 15:53
An all Ogryn army !

22-08-2007, 16:01
Ogryn's with tank squadron. You can then field the army in non-apocalyptic games as well. The 10 leman russes would be restricted to Apocalypse (and take a while to paint)

22-08-2007, 17:43
thanks for the advice so far

I am likeing the Ogryn set and the leman russ squadron set idea at the moment, you made some good points sureshot05

but what about the sentinal box sets and all the baslisk box sets

anyone else have some more ideas

22-08-2007, 17:52
Do you have enough terrain? If not, consider the CoD sets.
The FW books IA5+6 should also be interesting for IG fans.

22-08-2007, 18:20
I dont have any terrain, i have no space to game at my house really (stupid forces accomadation)

22-08-2007, 20:00
Lets put it this way, look at the back story for a second. Do you want to paint a force that looks like the '77 flyers, all muscle, ready to beat the tar out of anything that draws near? Or do you want to recreate the German Blitz, with 12 tanks running flat out across the board to tank shock the foe into submission? You are the poor sod who gets to paint what you choose.

My one suspicion though is that the tank company will fare slightly better against huge nasties that will be fielded, while the ogryns will be better at destroying the huge nasty killers that will inevitably hang around.

22-08-2007, 21:09
Are Ogryns actually that usful in IG armies though?

I am worried that I will get them and they will be usless specially compared to storm troopers

Straken the immortal
23-08-2007, 19:36
[QUOTE= Or do you want to recreate the German Blitz, with 12 tanks running flat out across the board[/QUOTE]

You will be meaning the German BlitzKrieg (lighting war) invasion of Poland and France using combined effot from the mechanized infantry, Panzer divisons and stukka drive bombers to capture the counties capitals as fast possible supprising the enemy. The Blitz is the name given to the german bombings on English cities and ports to bomb them into submission. Get you facts right!

23-08-2007, 19:47
I was thinking more of WW1 warfare, I just love infantry

bear in mind im not in it to win it

I was thinking about getting a Leman Russ Squadron, a Baslisk Squadron and 2 boxes of karskin

what do you think?

23-08-2007, 19:48
Are Ogryns actually that usful in IG armies though?

I am worried that I will get them and they will be usless specially compared to storm troopers

Ogryn aren't horribly useful. They're a third tier countercharge unit that lacks any access to power weapons, has no high strength shooting, has no inherent mobility, and whose main durability is having multiple wounds that are frequently ignored by anything S8 or above.

Surprisingly many posters on this forum seem to love them, and get great results out of them. I'm inclined to believe that most of that comes from different meta games than I face, a certain selection bias that makes people ignore the poor results of their beautiful and expensive unit, and a certain amount of outright advocacy that borders on fraud.

I would strongly recommend that you proxy ogryn long before you buy them, because they have done nothing but disappoint me consistently.

23-08-2007, 19:53
Thanks for the input Polonius

I think i will give them a miss

what do you think about my new idea of what to buy?

23-08-2007, 20:08
IMO, you should stick to troops, heavy weapons, plasma weapons, a few officers, maybe some stormtroopers, LRBTs and Basilisks at first. Everything else is very much to taste.

Your plan of IG company, tank squadron, basi squadron, and some kasrkin to be a great way to start. keep in mind that the kasrkin box doesn't include the specials you need (plasma and meltas).

I also really like rough riders, but most people just don't like the models.

23-08-2007, 20:12
I hate the models

also they dont really fit in the army i have planned

if i ever use them they will be modified cadians with grav chutes

23-08-2007, 20:12
Are Ogryns actually that usful in IG armies though?

I am worried that I will get them and they will be usless specially compared to storm troopers

Ogryns fail pretty miserably as CC troops. They struggle against any sort of specialized combat troop the other races can throw out- so in other words, the IG melee specialists are only good against basic, ranged troops of other races.

Plus they get instakilled rather easily. Not fun.

23-08-2007, 20:19
A warhound titan for me. :skull:

On a more serious note, if you want WWI style IG might I suggest you use DKoK from FW. If not then buy head sprues from Pig Iron's Near Future line.

Link (http://www.thewarstore.com/pigironproductions.html)

23-08-2007, 20:34
I'm a big fan of the Storm Trooper and DKoK models. Combine those with your mass o tanks and you should be very happy!

23-08-2007, 21:02
I was going to get Dkok

but they are just too damn expensive.

32 for 10 men, no thanks not matter how insanely awesome they look


how easily do those heads fit cadian bodies? do you think those heads are of good quality?

thanks for all the input guys

23-08-2007, 21:08
Dunno I don't play IG, but I found them. My advice is to order one set to see how they fit. They're not expensive so the only thing I can say is to try. You might have to use some green stuff to make them fit really well, but it's not that big of problem.

23-08-2007, 21:31
those heads look a bit big to fit imo

23-08-2007, 21:34
For $7.00 it's not a lot to see. If they are too big you could always use them as terrain decoration like mounted on pikes. :D

24-08-2007, 06:23
you should buy an ork dread mob that would be hardcore having a dread mob in ig for apoc

24-08-2007, 08:14
that makes no sense what-so-ever im afraid