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22-08-2007, 20:02
So diz 'ere's da start uv me noo Mob[/orcspeak]:

Boss Gazhrek(95)
Double-handed Axe



Magua da Shaman(40)

3x2 Orc Boyz with bows(3x70)
2 Orc Boyz(50)

Now I know most people would tell me to arm (orc) heroes with bows/xbows, but this warband is as much for modelling as it is for gaming-efficiency.

I don't even know if I'll be playing anytime soon, as I am currently living in Iceland, and there's no telling if there'll be any opponents!

But please give me your thoughts on this composition.

23-08-2007, 07:50
I've never played as orcs, though I have battled them on occasion. Its great when people are fluffy in Mordhiem, as too many 20 model sling/club skaven warbands are about. Having having a band of veteran Ard Boyz is cool!
Drop the shield on the guy with axe/shield. Shields are useless as an axe or strength 4 will negate it, theres no hw/shield bonus in this game and frankly, all armor sucks in Mordhiem. Too expensive for the return it offers. This will free up 5 points, so get your shamen a weapon. Most of his spells are close range, so he will need to be able to mix it up, plus what self respecting orc doesnt have his big cleaver?
8 Boyz, 6 have bows, maybe drop 2 bows for some clubs/axes so the close combat ladz can deal the hurt, or drop a boy andgrab that other hero Daggers are great for the +1A as an additional HW, but alone they are poop, plus they give the armor save to the foe, yeah I know i said armors poor, but best not to give too much advantage to the foe. I am also pretty sure the FAQs gave Orcs access to clubs :) They are excellent, cheap and the stunning is lethal in a big brawl as the next guy can take them out of action easily.

Have Fun

23-08-2007, 11:12
Yup, clubs are 3gc and well worth it! I give almost everyone in a starting warband two clubs and upgrade to things like swords or axes later, when you have the cash (and the skills - Swordmaster for example!).

23-08-2007, 15:02
It's just that I can't seem to find clubs as a weapon available to Orcs in the equipment list of the rules from the SG-site.

For goblins yes, but not for orcs...

As an aside, it seems that the Savage Orc Boarboy-heads are no longer available from the UK online shop :wtf:

24-08-2007, 14:00
3gc Clubs for Orcs are in the Rules Review:



26-08-2007, 15:49
Ah, okay, it makes a lot of sense as well, though Axes just look more right for da boyz.

Thanks for the heads up!

28-08-2007, 14:58
Gazhrek squinted as he peered through the gloom. Dust and smoke lay in a heavy fog over the entire city, blocking out the sun and filling his throat with a gravelly sludge. He spat a fat gobbet of green-grey phlegm at the splintered timbers of the gateway he was standing in, then his face split in a toothy grin. Only the baddest and toughest gitz would make it here, and he was out to prove that he was one of them.

Razag, the brightest of his ladz, and therefore second-in-command of his mob stepped up to him, casting worried glances over his shoulder. "Dat Magua iz at it again, Boss". Gazhrek turned to look back at the Shaman, Magua, who had joined them in the outskirts of the city. His robed body was suspended a good 7 feet in the air, circling slowly as he shot his fingers in all directions, blabbering incoherently, well, more than usually. "Let 'im, an' note where 'e's pointin'... Dat's where da wyrmst... Wartst... Dem rockz iz at." Uzgob joined them, his hefty bulk blocking the view to the revolving shaman, and the ladz varily edging around, fearfull of the green glow now emnamating from him. "Sumfings' comin'", mused Uzgob. He wasn't clever, but he seemed to posses a certain sixth sense for when a scrap was coming. Gazhrek tensed, the smell of dank fur filling his nostrills. Gazhrek smiled, they had the drop on the Rat-boyz this time, and they were gonna surprise the bloody gitz this time...

A huge bang shook the building, and Gazhrek's eyes burned from the flash of green. The chittering of the Skaven reached his ringing ears, and he cursed the shaman loudly as he raised his massive axe and stormed, half-dazed, into the street, his bellowed waaagh! being echoed by those of the ladz who'd gotten back on their feet...

So yeah, a small bit of fiction describing the fortunes of my Orcs, even though I'm yet to order the parts :D

31-08-2007, 16:45
All I can say is Troll Troll Troll

I am currently playing Mordheim with Da Mob and I love the crazyness of the Orcs.

Take a Troll to start, you have to pay 15gd every game to feed him, but he never ever dies. If he gets taken out of action you don't roll for him to come back, you just feed him and he returns.

Plus throwing up acid as an attack is fun!

I round out with a Boss, Shaman, and some Big Uns. Then some gobo archers for fun.

01-09-2007, 13:26
I just think that the Troll is too much of a gold-sink, and I want to try without it at first.

Besides, my Boss's a purist, hence the lack of gobbos!

11-09-2007, 11:55
So, with my mail-order having arrived last night, there's a good chance this'll turn into a project log over in the Fantasy Log section.

Stay tuned!

11-09-2007, 14:06
Ah excellent keep us posted post up the link in case we miss the log. Mordheim makes for great projects because they're so small you can take your time with it!

Fastforward rlz
19-09-2007, 12:41
Yeah I like it. My friend had done an all ork list and it was great. I too agree on haveing less bow boys; if any. They don't hit hard and don't hit much (trust me my brother uses two of them).

19-09-2007, 13:37
Ok, after perusing modelling options, here's the new list:

Boss(80) double-handed axe(15) 95gc

Big'un(45) 2x club(6) 51gc

Big'un(45) sword(10)&club(3) 58gc

Shaman(40) club(3) 43gc.

2 Boyz(50) with Clubz(6) 56gc

2 Boyz(50) with 2x daggers(4) 54gc

2x2 Boyz(2x50) with Bows(2x20) 140gc

This leaves me with 3gc in the stash, and a bit more hitting power. The bows are there for for taking a few shots and keeping the enemies down, while the added emphasis on clubs will hopefully net me a few more stunned enemies, plus Orcs with clubs look Dead 'Ard :D

Pictures will begin to flow as soon as my girlfriends camera arrives, so stay tuned!

Fastforward rlz
19-09-2007, 19:59
Don't use Grimgor for your boss please or any model for that matter. It's been done before and he's not easily converted. Remember to give him the strongman skill asap.

20-09-2007, 07:26
I have seen Grimgor converted as a human barbarien for Warhammer Quest, the model rocks.

Warbands looking good, can't wait for some pics.

20-09-2007, 12:03
Don't worry, no Grimgor, I'm converting plastic BO's for the Big'uns and Boss, but they'll be very different from the tin-cans presented on the box...

21-09-2007, 02:15
Use the remaining 3GC to buy a Club for the Boss. It means he has the option of using the 2-hander or Club/Knife if he is facing multiple opponents.

I look forward to seeing your models so, as Maynard said, please give us a link to your project log if you start one! :D

22-09-2007, 12:59
@Catferret: Wow, the infamous Catferret deigns to respond to me! And that club might be worthwhile, I actually got a spare club from the GorkaMorka Nobz-sprue.

@everyone: Plog's coming :evilgrin:, here's (http://warseer.com/forums/fantasy-project-logs/104046-unwanted-goes-to-mordheim-post1935882.html#post1935882) the link to the thread!

22-09-2007, 16:59
Infamous? Now I'm a little worried... :eyebrows:

22-09-2007, 18:16
Well, you've got something of a reputation, don't you?

But don't worry, please, infamous is good in my book ;)

11-10-2007, 13:05
So, there's been another slight revision of the warband, which mostly means that there will now be 3 boyz with clubz...

List is now as follows:

Boss Gazhrek(80) Doublehanded Axe(15) and Club(3) 98gc

Magua, Shaman(40) Club(3) 43gc

Razhag, Big'un(40) Club(3) and Sword (10) 53gc

Uzgrok, Big'un(40) 2 Clubs(6) 46gc

Stabbaz, 2 Boyz(50) with extra Daggers(4) 54gc

Clubbaz, 3 Boyz(75) with Clubs(9) 84gc

Stikkaz, 3 Boyz(75) with Bows(30) 105gc

Total: 483gc

This leaves me with 17gc that I don't really know what to do with, though everyone will probably go "buy more clubz!1!1!!!!", I don't think I really want to...

Etienne de Beaugard
11-10-2007, 15:16
Save pretty shiny stuff... Buy bigger, shiny clubz later.