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22-08-2007, 23:37
I was thinking of starting a new army and thought that this megaforce would be a good start. But I'm just wondering, how much does all the stuff in the box cost point-wise.

Thanks for any patient answers ;-)

22-08-2007, 23:53
The one I'm thinking of has 15 marines in, a rhino, an assualt squad, a scout squad.

It would be about 750-800 points. With a HQ you'd be up to about 900-950. It's a solid base for any army.

Buy the battleforce, a chaplain and a 5 man jump pack assualt squad and you';ll have a fairly reasonable 1000 army.

23-08-2007, 00:17
the megaforce has a lot more than that

and to answer the TC yes it is a good base to start from

a really good base IMHO

I also suggest a battleforce after that and you will have a nice stable base for an army

23-08-2007, 00:47
It's actually around 1100 pts as pictured, with that number getting pushed around plus or minus 100pts depending on upgrades and options.

It's a pretty solid build though. I'd add one more 5-man assault squad with a chaplin and 1 5 man Terminator Squad.

23-08-2007, 01:51
Or just get the Apoc company and hey, near comp SM army outta the box. About 3kpts if my very quick mental maths is anything to go by!!

23-08-2007, 17:52
Do you mean this one? (http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?do=Individual&code=99120101046&orignav=10)

If so, depending on wargear it's round about 1000pts as RevenantX suggested. In WD the month that the SM and Tau Megaforces were released, it had 1000pt example armies for them both.


23-08-2007, 18:00
As others have said it works out to be just over 1000 points. With a few simple additions such as another 5 assault marines and maybe some more tactical marines with a rhino, or a terminator squad, you have an okay 1500 points force. In terms of using the box, i would give the commander and command squad (6 man with flamer, apoth, fist sarge) infiltrate and give a six man shooty tactical squad the razorback.

23-08-2007, 18:10
it contains:

1 commander
1 command squad
1 razorback/rhino
2 tactical squads
1 predator
1 scout squad

(quickly checks box)

it's a good box set, but it does kill morale when you open it up and see the sea of grey sprues

23-08-2007, 23:32
it contains:

1 commander
1 command squad
1 razorback/rhino
2 tactical squads
1 predator
1 scout squad

And an Assault Squad, and a Dreadnought.

24-08-2007, 00:04
I have another dreadnought and want to buy a techpriest and 4 servitors (the box set) and maybe I will buy a Battle for Maccrage (or sth). So I would add 1 dread, 1 techpriest + 4 servitors and two assault sqauds.

I want to do an army of raven guard, so no termies (don't like them - they're too good).
What do u think about that?

Thanks for your help so far.

24-08-2007, 06:19
your the man an sm player who knows terms are cheese