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23-08-2007, 09:45
Curious as to thoughts on the Army I'm taking to the GT.

Prince Imrahil, + Warhorse and Lance

3 Captains of Dol Amroth, All with Warhorse and Lance

22 Knights of Dol Amroth, All With Warhorse and Lance

9 Might, 6 Will, 6 Fate, and 1 Banner (being Imrahil).

I am expecting games to go one of two ways: Either I turn the enemy army into a speed bump, or get picked to death before I reach them. Either way, should be fun :)

23-08-2007, 22:05
Sounds Scary at any rate, that many swan knights should cause some carnage.
I reckon you'll reach the enemy, most will be needing sixes to wound your knights at range. Being all cavalry and all elite with no ranged weapons will pretty much mean that you have only one method of war, charge! With possible variations in how you charge eg. as one big line/wedge, as three seperate forces, go heavily on one flank etc.
It will also mean that certain scenarios may be difficult to muster anything beyond a draw.
Regardless if you like the theme, go for it and have fun.

24-08-2007, 18:26
Nice list i must say. Thats going to be one deadly calvary charge, uruk formations may slow down the slaughter though, but then try flanking the opponet and then their done for. also you may want to test lots of formations to see which one suits your play/tatics.

nice list. CS

Kroot Lord
24-08-2007, 19:57
Interesting list, me likes!

I've always had a soft spot for DA and now with new pikemen and new rules they are even better!

Some scenarios will be a very, very tough orc to crack. Seize the prize? You'll (probably) get there first (or at the sae time) but to bring the prize back you need to dismount to pick it up and the current rules mean you lose your horse (pathetic I say!).

You have alot of might for Good, but isn't the GT 700 point next year aswell? I know the armies go up in poitns but this and next was going to be 700 I heard.

Why not add Forlong the Fat on an horse instead of a captain? Costing the same points but gaining an extra strength and might he is definatly worth it. The only differences are:

CoDA on horse has a lance. This gives him S6 (+1 to wounhd is the equivalent as +2 strength except when rolling with very high defence models) when he charges- but only when he charges. What happens whjen you lose the heroic movement and become charged? Now you have a S4 model instead. Forlong doens't gain as much when he charges as he is at S5 instead of S6, but he keeps the S5 making him more effective once you are stuck in battle.

Forlong has -1 defence. Instead he has +1 wound. Very fair trade! But his horse has defence 4 making him 5+ (4+ for crossbow) bait for enemy bows. t is still a fair trade though.

Forlong also had +1 Might. This alone already makes him worth so much more!

Not to forget he has a spear so if need be you can support Imrahil!

I think the list will fare very well.

Untill you find the following list:

4 Uruk-Hai Captains with heavy armor and a mix of shields and crossbows
16 Uruk-Hai with crossbows
32 Uruk-Hai with pikes or shields

All of these models have a Strength of 4 or higher against defence 5 or 6 (7 vs captains and imrahil), meaning they wound on 5's. Basicly this means about 3 models dead a turn- be it mounts or riders. This isn't nice, especially if they can also fire into combat. I'd happily fire 1 shot at a time when one of my Uruk-Hai is facing Imrahil! Just keep rolling untill you've run out of rolls.

Some other scenarios (take the high ground will be just about impossible to win with, objectives will also be amazingly hard) will be near Mission Impossible 4/5/6. Others will be alot easier (recon, storm the camp, ill met by moonlight. God I hope the opponent doesn't get a turn of shooting though!)

25-08-2007, 01:09
New Zealand GT is next week, and its 800 points.

I Can't take Forlong because RotK book isn't being used.

And yes, I expect Uruk-Hai to be the army that will probably kick my ass.

Kroot Lord
25-08-2007, 09:09
Oh ok. Weird thogh that you're not allowed to use something which is in a book, eventhough it has only been out for a month (by then)

Just make sure you charge the shieldmen and berserkers with your captains and Imrahil. You wound them on 5's, they you on 6's. The rest of he force wounds them on 6's and gets wounded on 5's- not very nice by any standard! (not including the bonus of charging with lances)

The rest of your force should be going for the crossbows and the enemy pikes to stop them from supporting the uruk-hai with shields.

Good luck- I hope you've gotten your worth by buying 22 models on horse at 6 pounds a pop, plus the extra 3 captains, Imrahil and all of them on foot!

02-09-2007, 10:44
Well, back from the GT. 6 games, 1 Major win, 3 Minor wins, 1 Major Loss, 1 Minor loss.

Wood Elves - With charges wounding to 3s, were a speed bump. Mission was Storm the Camp.
Dwarves - Mission was Sieze the prize, was on it turn 2, held up enemy army and dug it up and passed it on to mounted kinght, who ran off the table. Imrahil killed Gandalf in a turn on the charge.
Uruk-Hai - Mission was Clash of Piquets, refused flanked him, and ate his army piece meal. Imrahil got a Isengard troll by himself. :)
High Elves - Meeting Engagement, Lost the first two turns combats, and then turned it around with 3rd turns charges.

Defeated by
Harad - Domination, I completely ballsed my movements up. But I killed the Mumak in two turns, only person to kill one entire weekend :)
Gondor - Army tooled to win, player was a rules lawyer. About as fun as shaving with sand paper.

Fun using a kinda silly army, thoguh was depressing to see so many armies which were kinda nicely themed, but then threw in a wizard, dragon, or other super powerful thing which didn't fit theme.

Kroot Lord
02-09-2007, 12:45
What was the Gondor army made up of? And what scenario did you play (pitched battle)?

Anyway, well done. Harad IMO is a very veyr strong force without the Mumak. Your basic troop costs 6 point but either has a bow or a spear, both good, and thr rest are man stats with lower defence. Then you have the excellent cavalry, a very good hero (suladan on horse) and even better cavalry (Serpent Riders). So you should quite easily be able to get to the max amount of models and then even include some cavalry!

Congratulations on killing the mumak and winning 2/3 games and boohoo on the Gondor player!

02-09-2007, 23:33
Scenario was ill met by moon light, which was really not a good mission for me. He Was running with 6 fountain Guard with shields, 6 Citadel guard with bows, 6 citadel guard with spears, 6 Minas Tirith Warriors with bows, 8 with shields, 8 with spears, 5 horses, beregond, faramir, and Gandalf on horse.

We know it was tooled to win, cause every other game he could do it, he would cast blinding light with Gandalf who would sit behind his archers, making them immune to shooting, and heard him saying he took it so he could take out the Mumak. Also, he was one of those people who picked at everything, except when he did something kinda dodgy. The dwarf player I played was doing the same thing.