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23-08-2007, 14:20
This is my very first try >.<;

As a note: The Beastmen I actually want to be full-fledged Chaos Warriors; rather than actual Beasts - the only problem is, Heavy Armor is VERY expensive <~.~>; Would it be worth it to cut out some of the Bretheren to give them the extra armor? Or should I just model them up for fun?

*Edit* This is the second attempt!

Mordheim Warband (Cult of the Possessed)

Magister – Elewynn w/ Sword – 80gc

Possessed w/ Extra Arm – 130gc

Mutant w/ - Great Claw, Axe – 80gc

Beastman w/ Double Handed Weapon – 60gc

Beastman w/ Double Handed Weapon – 60gc

Beastman w/ Double Handed Weapon – 60gc

Brethren w/ Axe – 30gc

Warped Bob
23-08-2007, 19:59
The first thing with Mordheim as almost anyone who plays will tell you is that you need at least a few heroes to have an effective warband for campaigning.

It's not as vital in one-off games but for a warband to be able to make enough money to replace lost warrior and buy new equipment you will want 3-4 heroes minimum.

So if you are avoiding possessed and mutants because you don't like the idea of having them in your warband the possessed warband is not for you.

As a side note the spawn coming out for CSM would make a great possessed. From looking at the various pictures you could represent almost all of the mutations.

24-08-2007, 02:30
Oh >.< I thought Beastmen were Heroes since they had multiple wounds <;_;> What'd I miss? (Like I said, I'm totally new at this)

Warped Bob
24-08-2007, 03:51
I'm going to assume you have downloaded the rules from the Specialist games site. The way to tell that the beastmen aren't heroes is that they are listed on a page that has "henchmen (Bought in groups of 1-5)" at the top of it.

The heroes for the possessed warband are the magister, possessed, and mutants.

Here's a starting warband list I've used before

Warband name: Armed and Dangerous


Mortark (Magister) Dagger, axe, sword 85GC

Wiggly (Possessed) Extra Arm, Tentacle 200GC

Sleepy Trent (mutant) Extra arm, dagger, two handed weapon 80GC

***** Ted (mutant) Extra arm, dagger, sword, club 78GC


Bulwinkle (beastman) dagger, sword 55GC

all for a grand total of 498GC

Now the list above is by no means a completely competitive list but it didn't do half bad. (I was playing the possessed as a warband to take a break from my main warband)

With some tweaking (like switching all my swords out for clubs) I might even have been able to fit two beastmen in this list.

The main thing with possessed is that you tend to have low starting numbers both due to the initial expense of your heroes and because if you keep you numbers 6 or below you can make a little more wyrdstone to save up for buying a really awesome possessed.

Another cool thing about playing possessed is the rewards of the shadowlord table in the optional rules. Even if it doesn't always work sending a mutant to the shadowlord every once in a while can be powerful. If they roll Chaos Armour you could even represent them with those chaos knight models you were considering using for beastmen.

24-08-2007, 04:05
Ooo... I see <@.@> Yah, I DLed the rules from the Specialist Games website; and I guess I just went a little too fast in my reading <x.x>;

I shall try again in a few hours after I look things over a bit more thoroughly!

24-08-2007, 07:09
Ok, I gave it another shot! I'm actually happier with this version, as it oddly enough managed to suit my vision even better than the original. The Beastmen, and now the Mutant, will be able to be my Chaos Warriors, whilst the Possessed will be something as a psychotic pet of the Magsiter. The lone Bretheren is basically a tag-a-long.

(The initial warband will be a detachment from my WHFB army, sent to recover Wyrdstone for inscrutable purposes). Still have to come up with histories and names for the other members, but I've got my Magister all mapped out.

11-09-2007, 08:38
I prefer the start as follows
Magister sword, club
Possessed Great Claw
Possessed Great Claw
Mutant scorpion tail sword, club

11-09-2007, 09:13
Beastmen are the asset in a possessed warband, as the bretheren and Darksouls have trouble keeping up.

Possessed are your big hitters and the bestmen can take missile fire which you will face alot of. Dont worry too much about flashy mutations, if you take more than one it gets expensive. Extra Arm and Great Claw are the two most useful, but are expensive.

Competetivly, avoid armor until your very rich.Its expensive and a suit of heavy armour is uselss if your oppoent is S5+ or S4 with an axe. Armor and shields are pants in Mordhiem at the moment, but Helmets are essential as they protect from stun attacks. There are skills that give invunerable saves if you need protection, but unless your facing very missile heavy opponents with minimal terrain you'll be ok.

Protect your mutants and magister, the chaos spells are not all that ( Why cant we have silver arrows!!)

Grab the rules and warbands off the SG site. Its all free, so have a good old look through, check out the miniature ranges and see what you like.

Have fun

28-09-2007, 16:10
Thanks! Sorry it took so long to respond, I forgot about this thread >.<; Good thing I looked; as my Mordheim band is going to be assembled right after I finish my last Chaos Warrior regiment for my Fantasy army!

05-10-2007, 18:48
Hey all - I revamped my Warband a wee bit; but I also had a question to ask!

It says that Possessed Magisters start with 20xp - does this mean they start with 5 skills/advances? Same goes for my Mutants which I believe start with 8xp each?

Also, here's my revamped Warband roster in case anyone is curious/has a comment:

Mordheim Warband (Cult of the Possessed)

Elewynn - Magister w/ Sword – 80gc

Njord Heifing - Beastman w/ Double Handed Weapon – 60gc

Haldren Kastl - Beastman w/ Double Handed Weapon – 60gc

Ellyra Nadrin - Beastman w/ Double Handed Weapon – 60gc

Naria Tenet - Mutant w/ Extra Arm, Shield, Sword– 80gc

Kaji Fukimi - Mutant w/ Great Claw, Axe – 80gc

Neil Londers - Brethren w/ Bow – 40gc

Joana Sinderfield - Brethren w/ Bow – 40gc

Grand Total: 500gc

(I named the henchmen 'just because')

08-10-2007, 07:54
It says in the experience section on page 81 "The warband lists detail how many Experience points different warriors begin with. Record these on your warband roster sheet by ticking the right number of boxes. No extra advances are gained for this experience. It simply represents the experience the warriors have accumulated before the warband is formed."

Therefore the are no upgrades for initial experience.
Knosstik :D

08-10-2007, 09:11
Looking good, but you'll really miss the possessed when it gets fighty. Hopefully a couple of good games will see you rich enough for one. Just protect your magister and mutants at alla costs. They are your heroes and bring in the money. They must not go OOA in the first couple of games so you can get the cash for the gribblys :)

08-10-2007, 10:03
Ahh, thanks for that knosstik <,< I looked and looked; but I'm terrible at finding things <;_;> appreciate it! I must admit, it seems a bit odd to not gain any abilities but starting with xp anyway <o.O>; Oh well! Rules is rules!

And thanks much Rob >_< I'm definitely planning to pick up a Possessed later; but I realized for the starting warband it didn't quite suit what I had in mind <,< makes more sense if its a pet I find along the way, rather than a starter. <@,@> That said, yeah, I'ma have to be careful >.< Hopefully the Beastmen will be scary enough that they'll draw extra aggro. I'm also *hoping* that the bows weren't a mistake on the brethren... I know in the end, possessed can't get shooting skills - but I figured "BS3 ain't bad... and having something to shoot back with can't hurt right? >.<"

(I have a phobia of getting shot at and being incapable of responding <,< even if the response is crappy)

Err... anyways, thanks all, its much appreciated! <^-^> Already finished modeling up and painting my magister. Even sculpted her a custom head. Next up will be Joana with the bow, who'll also be getting a custom head. (I'm really going all out with this warband; I want it to look good, and almost "RPG" ish in some ways; rather than the rank upon rank of my fantasy Chaos, and the tons and tons of sky blue on my 40k Silverblades <,<)