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Paul Nexus
23-08-2007, 23:48
I was wondering how any of you ork players made your mega armoured warboss? Do you use a nob body for a base, or do you convert ghazkull?

I was considering using ghazkull's body and legs, adding the head and weapons from a mega armoured nob. Would the pieces fit?

Any other suggestions?

I know that a lot of you may not think mega armour is worth it, but nothing says pure power than a warboss in the biggest armour he can find.


Dribble Joy
24-08-2007, 01:21
Not sure if this is the right section, but there's not really a modelling one as such.

WBs in MA are a pain, simply because you either have to use Ghazzie or a nob.

My MAWB (as seen in my av and sig) is quite simple.

MA nob body, gun cut down and old demolisher plasma cannon added for the KMB (Bad Moons). Other arm cut down to behind the old PK. Regular WB arm added but with a WHFB Orc WB sword attached (A special character but I forget the name).
Old Nazdreg banner pole added.
Head is the standard WB head, iron gob made from the MA nob one, but reworked so it fits over his jaw and lowered slightly.

For more ideas and the like. The Mek's Garage over at The Waaagh! (www.the-waaagh.com/forums) has lots of stuff for warbosses.

Personally I love MA. So long as you aren't sending him up against a unit of 'stealers or something, a PK is great. 5 MANs and the WB piling out of a wagon on turn two (or one if you're lucky) and rolling 25 PK attacks scares the crap out of most people and generally minces anything it's directed at.

24-08-2007, 01:43
IMO the best way to do it is to use Gazghkul as a base for the body and PK. Then you take the PK arm of the Inquisitor chrono gladiator for the other arm and the old black orc banner pole for the head.

Dribble Joy
24-08-2007, 02:17
The problem with that is that everyone does it. Especially the Blorc banner bit.

24-08-2007, 02:50
Well it might not be the most original, but if you're a fan of huge hulking warbosses it's ace. Alternativly, you can use another head, my friend uses the normal warboss head with a custom iron jaw and it looks really cool. He based his around the DOW warboss.

24-08-2007, 04:31
I'll admit that I use Grazgull as a base. He is just so fitting. Using a regular nob just seems too small for a warboss.

Although if you wanted to be creative, you could have a space marine dreadnought with the front ripped off, a warboss's head and body sticking out the front.

24-08-2007, 05:32
it would be hardcore if you put a warboss head on a terminator model
or if you just buy mega armored nob/warboss sprue
mega armored nob body 1 or 2
warboss head
mega armored nob power claw
ork warboss 2 gun arm

Paul Nexus
24-08-2007, 10:24
He based his around the DoW warboss.

That's what I wanted, a Warboss like the DoW one.

mega armored nob body 1 or 2
warboss head
mega armored nob power claw
ork warboss 2 gun arm

Would the parts fit properly? I considered taking that route, though wasn't sure if the parts would look out of proportion.

As a note, I am about to start an ork army. I played them back in 2nd ed and played against them a lot in 3rd ed. I wanted to plan out my purchases including the Warboss. I have a tendancy, with all my previous armies, of custom ordering parts for my HQs.

24-08-2007, 12:16
Didn't someone convert a killa kan into a warboss, that was an cool idea and a bit more unique :)