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Thread: The Gut'Reapa' (orcs and gobs army, probably image heavy soon)

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    The Gut'Reapa' (orcs and gobs army, probably image heavy soon)

    Ok, I've decided to make a thread about my army, showing up my rather imperfect painting skills and all my convertions.

    Here's the list of all the stuff, post by post, with neat categories:
    Orcs and Goblins
    1st 8th ed 2000 pts gob list (before 8th ed OnG armybook released)

    Urgat, Black Orc Warboss
    Warboss on Rhinox WIP
    Classic Azhag
    Savage orc warboss on (wyvern "count as") chimera
    Goblin bosses and shamans
    [Great cave squig][Better pics]
    [Forest Goblin shaman on (wolf "count-as")spider WIP][Complete]
    [Savage orc shaman on wyvern WIP 1][WIP 2][WIP 3][Completed: Nukz and Wyvarn' + short story]
    Black Orc boss
    Orc boss (converted WD nob)
    [Classic Skarsnik WIP][Completed]
    Classic Gobbla
    [Orc (Nazgob) and goblin shamans, common goblin big boss][Nazgob's sword]
    Grumlok and Gazbag WIP
    [Small Betsy (Gigantic Spider) WIP and rant][WIP 2][Small and Big Betsy comparison pic][Gitanka Sittingcob on Small Betsy]

    Chaos goblins wip
    Wolf riders with bows and with spears
    More orc boyz
    Chaos goblin
    Orc boyz rebased/banner redone
    Night Goblins being repainted
    Night goblins redone
    Harlequin Night Goblins
    Chaos Goblins WIP
    Fanatics and thoughts on fanatics
    Spider riders WIP
    Spider riders done
    Night goblin horde and fanatics
    Classic fanatics
    Blood Bowl fanatic
    [re-positioned wolf WIP][Re-positioned wolves WIP][Wall-jumping wolfriders WIP][WIP 2][Wall Jumping wolfriders]
    [Common gobs WIP 1][WIP 2][WIP 3][WIP 4][WIP 5][WIP 6][WIP 7][ WIP 8][WIP 9][WIP 10][Common gobs with tree and toilets][Common gobs with tree and toilets - blood Bowl Sneaky Skewers][Common gobs second batch]

    Boar charriot
    Classic Black Orcs
    wolf charriots, and (wolf chariot "count as") night goblin scorpion
    Spear chukkas
    Squig hopper WIP
    Squig Hoppers
    Giant scorpion redone
    Squig hoppers with regimental display
    Classic Squig hopper WIP
    Classic Squig hoppers
    Squig herders
    Black orc (converted musician)
    Repainted black orc prototype
    Black orcs redux
    Squig Herd
    Squig Herder proder
    More classic black orc goodness
    More squigs

    Doom diver
    Rock Lobber
    Skull Crusher rock lobber WIP
    Stone trolls and giant troll
    Blood Bowl River Troll
    Stone trolls and Ripper Bolgrot
    Troll banner WIP
    Troll banner
    Skull Crusher rock lobber
    Classic rock lobber WIP
    Skull Crusher crew
    Pump Wagons
    Classic Rock lobber
    Classic Doom Diver WIP
    [Big Betsy (Arachnarok) WIP 1][WIP 2][final blurry 1&2 + base w/o Big Betsy][Final shot + short story]
    Small and Big Betsy comparison pic
    Classic Doom diver

    Group shots:
    Shelf shot
    Goblin Army shot
    Orc Army shot and Other stuff
    Shelf shot 2
    Shelf shot 3
    Shelf shot 4
    Shelf shot 5
    Shelf shot 6
    Shelf shot 7
    Shelf shot 8

    Random stuff:
    cloack materials
    night goblin base
    Night gob bases, machinery and giant squig concept
    Mystery picture
    Scrapped regimental base
    Warboss concept pic


    Gnobblar trappers

    Chaos Dwarfs

    Heroes and Characters
    Bullcentaur BSB WIP
    Bullcentaur BSB WIP2
    Bullcentaur BSB WIP3
    Bultoteksh, Bullcentaur BSB

    BfSP warriors WIP1, 2, 3, 4, 5... yeah, and more to come][... or not! BfSP warriors done]
    Converted hobgoblin WIP1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
    Classic Hobgoblins and converted ones WIP


    Doom Rocket1 & 2


    Dark Elves
    Sorceress, couple wytches, few Xbowgirls
    RBT crew

    Bro's Bretonnians

    Heldehammer & Bloody Reaver WIP

    Other stuff
    Riderless (SoM?) Wyvern (Confrontation dragon)
    Wyverns comparison
    Chaos troll1 & 2 and rant about them
    Throgg horde VS chaos battle report
    Torch and Plunder cityfight rules (7th ed)
    Resume of most of the stuff up till page 15
    Dark Emissary
    Vampire Counts stuff

    SotHR tower and generic house
    Giant mushrooms
    Worldworks cardboard castle
    cardboard road test1, 2 & 3
    cardboard city1 & 2
    cardboard road sections, details, overview & final
    cardboard pond test 1 & 2
    Badmoon Idol
    Chaos tree

    Battle reports:

    [.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ...........................]
    the entire (well, more or less) army:

    Urgat Arrach'Tripes (Gut'Reapa')

    He's my current Blorc warboss, but hasn't seen so many battles, mainly because the huge majority of my battles are fought with gobs only.
    If you're wondering about the base, well, he's not glued on, I often put him on an old half painted boar.

    Boar Charriot:

    I'm still wondering how to add the third orc in there without it looking silly..
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