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Thread: The Gut'Reapa' (orcs and gobs army, probably image heavy soon)

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    Re: The Gut'Reapa' (orcs and gobs army, probably image heavy soon)

    About a year ago, I got that silly idea that I needed all the 8th ed armies. I have not enough cabinets or shelf room anymore (who am I kidding? I don't have enough room in my flat, period. Alos, I believe my wife's patience concerning the slow invasion of all our shelf edges by those metal, plastic and resin soldiers is going to reach its limit soon enough). I need a tight, compact way of storing stuff now, a way that also lets me pull stuff out easily as needed. Nothing easier than picking up a box, I've found. So many accidents while picking up units from the shelves... ANyway, voila, that's my current project: I paint a unit, I finish it, I make a box for it, it goes in storage. Only my favourite centerpieces will remain in the cabinets now.
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