Hello, good evening and welcome to what will hopefully become the long running project log for my various armies.
In no particular order they are;
A rather large Imperial Guard Praetorian army that needs re-basing
A reasonable sized Armoured Company, which I'll be expanding in the coming weeks and months and finally...
A Mechanised Storm Trooper Witch Hunter army which has some fairly decent air support.
All of which take part in the immense campaign myself and Inquisitor Steinmann (who also haunts these boards) have been running for along time: *deep, booming announcer voice* The Steinmann Conspiracy.

As a result these armies are built from the Fluff rather than wanting to win games, so the composition may puzzle some of the more tournament playing orientated folk

More updates shall follow but for now here is a taste of the things I've completed so far...
First up, from the 234th Laronian Armoured Company, the Stormsword 'Castigator' or 'Cassie' as she's known...

And her other side

Cassie's honour guard of the Vanquisher 'Rosland' and the legendary (around here at any road) Leman Russ 'Bertha'

With the Witch Hunter force, we tend to blend 40k, Inquisitor and Necromunda, which has led to some interesting fluff acquisitions for the intrepid Inquisitor D'selinas.
First up his personal ride, the Thunderhawk Transporter 'The Emperor's Benediction' or Benie to her pilot Gennin