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    Rogue Enforcers [Update]

    This is more of a Vigilante thing than a bent cop thing, but anyway:

    Recently my Enforcers took a pretty bad mauling. Previously I had captured the leader of an Outlaw Goliath Gang, the Punk Spiriters and one of their gangers. My friend and I decided amongst ourselves to play a Rescue scenario to, er, rescue them.

    I had 5 of my enforcers as per the rules, and they had 5 of their number plus their Wyrd. My friend decided to even the odds a bit and hired 2 scummers as help as well as feeding one of their gangers an icrotic slime which got him some very nasty dice rolls. Oh, and these guys ally with an Orlock gang frequently against my enforcers and their escher watchwomen and thus have some serious cash thanks to underdog bonuses as well as a Lascannon-toting heavy (A useless weapon but a very scary one)

    Suffice to say I got my ass kicked, with me being too scared to take on the slime-guy and his melta-wyrd and heavy having a good corridor of fire they pinned me down and in the end I rolled some bad injuries and 4 of my guys died!

    So, driven by this (and the restrictive nature of enforcers) we decided it prudent for them to abandon their positions as police and go it alone, hunting down the Punk Spiriters for revenge and then maybe acting as some sort of Necromunda A-team as good-guy Vigilantes.

    Enforcers themselves are a hard gang en masse so I started by stripping them of all imperial gear (Suppression shields, weapons, goggles etc) but kept a few guns and their carapace armour. I also had a previously useless 480 creds in the stash that served no use other than for fun so I used this cash to equip them with some new weapons (Finally: Swords!) and stripped them of their specialist skills so I never ended up with a gang of 6 plasma guns.

    My question: Aside from being rather illegal, hand I balanced them right? I intend to keep them as 6 guys and be unable to hire any more should any of them die, but they can now collect limited income and trade.

    My loadout is as follows:

    Leader: Sword/Bolt Pistol/Plasma Pistol/Power Maul/Scare Grenades
    Heavy: Heavy Bolter/GravChute/Sword/Bolt Pistol/Lasgun (And Bulging Biceps)
    Specialist: Plasma Gun/Lasgun/Bolt Pistol
    Guy: Bolter/Lasgun/Bolt Pistol
    Guy: Chainsword/Bolt Pistol/Frag/Krak/Hallucinogen/Smoke/Power Maul
    Guy: Shotgun/Various

    Suffice to say they are a highly elite 6, with a gang rating of 2500+! Personally I think their low numbers, unable to replenish casualties, high rating and such offsets their wargear.

    Now I plan to higher Karloth Valois and go after the spiriters with a horde of zombies!
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