Hello...this saturday Im gona participate in a Local tournament and im gona go whit me dwarf army.
Te oponent probably gona be a lots o orcs, a bret player whit the green knight, a Nurgle demonic legion or a daek elf army, Vampire count blood dragon...and i dont remember more xD

Plees Can smeon give me some advice ??? ^^

1 Dwarf Lord 281 Pts (go Whit the ironbraers)
General; Shieldbearers; Great Weapon
Master Rune of Challenge
Master Rune of Steel
Rune of Resistance
Rune of Stone

1 Thane 142 Pts (Go Whit the longbeard)
Gromril Armour; Shield
Master Rune of Swiftness
Rune of Cleaving
Rune of Fury
Rune of Stone

1 Runesmith 147 Pts (Go whit the warriors)
Master Rune of Balance
Rune of Spellbreaking

10 Quarrellers 110 Pts

10 Quarrellers 110 Pts

20 Warriors 190 Pts
Shield; Standard

19 Warriors 196 Pts
Shield; Full Comand

19 Longbeards 303 Pts
Heavy Armour; Shield; Full Comand
Master Rune of Grugni

18 Ironbreakers 314 Pts
Gromril Armour; Full Comand
Rune of Battle
Rune of Stoicism

1 Bolt Thrower 85 Pts
Rune of Penetrating

1 Organ Gun 120 Pts

Dispel Pool: 5
Casting Pool: 2

Total Army Cost: 1998