With all the negativity towards the Chaos Codex, I thought I would bring to light some definate improvements with it.

One army that got immensely boosted (imho) by the new Chaos book...

Thousand Sons!
AP3 Bolters (O. M. G.?)
4+ Inv. Saves for all
And S&P, which I think means they can move and shoot 24" (might be wrong on this).

Necrons and Marine armies will have their hands full with these guys now.

Noise Marines/Slaanesh
AP3 Doom Sirens and Blastmasters will give the army increased effectiveness against marines/necrons.

Oh, and Lash (yes, I know its controversial right now, but Im sure it will be FAQ'ed, and still be VERY effective.)

Marked Raptors sound fun...

Lets not forget Vindicators, Elite Dreads, and Oblitorators x9 for all. Whee!

Demons.... how about not affecting the Force Org for one thing.... also Demon summoning got ALOT better imho (Heck, Deep strike got better for Chaos period, no scatter FTW!!!!)

Demon Princes can have ~200 points (3.5 cost) of gear for 150 points now.

ANY cult unit is now a troop choice for all. (yeah, I can get back some Zerkers to suppliment my Noise Marines!)

Lower Terminator Price!

So... in summary, the powers of the warp have taken away, yes, but they hath given as well. And in the light of the rumors (confirmed?) that the specific Legions will be covered in a separate Codex to be published later, I don't see this as anything but a win/win.

(p.s. I'm sorry for the IW and Khorne players who's armies got toned down. But there should be no surprise. If they were gonna do it to Black Templar, they were gonna do it to you guys as well)