I was just wondering, after reading the online demo of Dark Heresy on the Black Industries website, where it leaves Inquisitor?

Dark Heresy is a 40K RPG, is based around the idea of an inquisitor and retinue, will have ful rules for fighting battles plus the huge RPG side that Inquisitor lacks.

Meanwhile, more and more people seem to be playing INQ with 40K models, and you can devolve it further now combat patrol and kill team rules are about, that people prefre these. The number of people I know collecting and playing INQ has dropped to a few modellers who are happy to build big models for pleasure, more than gaming.

Furthermore, with the lack of regular updates and things like the dropping of the Las Weapon pack and removal of older models from the website, is GW thinking of letting INQ slip away?

Just wondering what people think?