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Thread: 19 years later and I finally get it about 40k!

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    19 years later and I finally get it about 40k!

    Not a rant or a dig on GW, just a kudos for being clever with "old school" mythos. I never thought about it until someone posted a "joke" about the difference in SM armies on B&C.

    The Blood Angels are vampires, and the Space Wolves are werewolves. I cant believe I never saw the similarities before. I know people will say that "GW cant come up with an original idea etc", but hear me out: they took an old theme and brought it up to a "futuristic" context. I think that was pretty clever of them.

    The thing is, in all this time (since '88), I never took the time out to sit back and notice this LOL.

    Call me Captain Obvious!

    Anyone else with a similar "D'uh" moment?
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    Anyone who attempts to defend their playstyle in a GAME of Toy Soldiers based on a made-up history written by a bunch of geeks with zero military experience really needs to sit down and take a long look in the mirror.
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    In my honest opinion, 99% of unique/theme armies should have to do with creativity, modeling, painting, and unit selection, and does not require any special rules.

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