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Thread: Dwarfs or Wood Elves?

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    Dwarfs or Wood Elves?

    Newb with 2500pts., I enjoy the "hobby" and fluff as much as I'm enjoying learning rules, strategy and tactics. I don't want any strong :cheese: , just an army that capitalizes on what I'm willing to take. My opponents run the gambit of races and are like-minded conisseurs of the :cheese:

    I would like nod's toward either Dwarfs OR Wood Elves bearing my criteria in mind. I'm looking for opinions on my options, strengths to capitalize on and weaknesses that I'll have to watch for exploitation. If you'd like to provide sample lists or point out units to covet or avoid like plague, by all means, please do so and tell me why.

    Having said, that if it's Dwarfs here is what I will NOT take...
    Organ Guns
    Basically anything not "firearms" is fair game. Quarrellers and rangers are all good and oddly enough, I will consider the Flame Cannon.
    If it's Wood Elves, I won't take...
    Warhawk Riders
    More than 1 Treeman
    More than 2 Treekin
    More than 2 units (size is open for debate) of Dryads.

    Thank you, in advance.
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