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Thread: 20.000 points Orc and Goblins w.i.p.

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    20.000 points Orc and Goblins w.i.p.

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a long time lurker at warseer, and now I'd like to start a thread myself.
    What I enjoy the most are the rumours of course and the projectlogs. Seeing people building and painting beautiful armies is what makes me happy and gets me stimulated to paint myself.

    I've been collecting orc & goblins since 1993, so I've got quitte a few. I tried different armies but always went back to the greenskins. I've already painted some 6000 points, but only recently painted the orcs and goblins in a way that suits me. After seeing The Lord of the Rings, I deceided I was done with the bright green skintone of my orcs. I wanted them to look more 'real' and sinister. So lots of browns, greys and rusted metal.

    The banners will all be brown with black icons. It should become a coherent colour range, as this ties the models together. Also the skintone will be ranging from black, dark green, grey or even reddish, but most will be olive/greyish green.

    I'm mixing all my models, so for instance you will see:
    - 4 generations of giants;
    - some models manufactured by other companies like Grenadeer and Game Zone;
    - savage orcs;
    - night goblins;
    - goblins;
    - black orcs;
    - regular orcs, the bulk of my army, lots of foottroopers and lots of cavalry.

    Old school orcs -which are smaller than the 6th erdition orcs - will be regular orc boyz, the newer bigger orcs will be big uns' and some will be converted to black orcs.

    Now, about a warboss.
    Grimgor Ironhide has lots of appeal to me. So I might choose him.

    But if I have more than one unit of Big Un's (wich seems reasonable in a 20.000 points army), so I need Gorbad Ironclaw.

    But the one orc I really like to be the warboss is Morglum Necksnapper. I need to come up with some rules for Morglum. Maybe a mix between Grimgor and Gorbad's rules. or something like that. Maybe even converting the Gorbad model... Any suggestions are welcome.

    To play this army would be almost impossible, as it's just to big. You would have to make houserules, like extend the range of leadership of your general from 12 to 24 inch and stuff like that.

    Here are the first pictures.

    ps I.m not trying to steal the thunder of the guy who has the 10 000pts and growing(greenskins) thread going on. I wish him good luck and maybe we can get people motivated to make a large Warhammer force. I really dig the Apocalypse thing in 40k right now, maybe an expansion like that will see the light of day for Warhammer fantasy in the near future.
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