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Thread: Captain Brown's Tau Painting Log (Many magnets, lots of photos, reactive camo, etc)

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    Smile Captain Brown's Tau Painting Log (Many magnets, lots of photos, reactive camo, etc)

    My Elysian Painting Log has led me to start this second log, dedicated to the Greater Good. After reading the Taros Campaign and having Tau as one of my principle enemies in my gaming group, I have been seduced into building an army. At first it was just going to be for having some painted Tau forces to stand in for photographs…and then it grew to a purchase of the Tau Codex…then a trade with starlight and then a trade with Althanan and suddenly I had an army. Then came Apocalypse and all that it entails, since one of the gamers in my group is a dedicated Tau player, it seemed like an easy fit to build a smaller Tau Sept to support him (although Apocalypse is designed to use any number of armies against each other, it is always more impressive when you have a single huge army on each side of the board).

    This is that army’s story from start to finish…

    So with army book in hand and dreams of a mechanized air cavalry force in my head I started planning. To fill the void of extra transports I turned to Battlewagon Bitz who had some Devilfish Chassis available online for a reasonable amount, so I picked up three of them (minus landing gear/pilots/sensor spines/drones/stands). However Althanan had provided me with his extra bits (good trader – recommended) which I used to repair the Devilfish he sent me and flesh out these additional tanks. Some plasticard in the landing gear housing and some of the extra gun drones and I was cooking with gas.

    Basic Army

    I began with Troops, as you cannot field a standard army without them. So two units of 12 Firewarriors each riding in a Devilfish would give me two troop choices. Keeping with my Air Calvary theme they would terrorize the enemy with rapid deployment from Devilfish.

    Then some Pathfinders, while most people seem to hate them I like the models and having twelve of them from a trade with starlight I found a use for the third Devilfish…although only eight of them are going into the unit…so I have four unassembled Pathfinders for sale or trade. This part of the army is included for purely background reasons (since Pathfinders where a very important unit in the Taros Campaign) and I will try to incorporate their Markerlights into my plans.

    The left over Gun Drones (excluding the six that have become Devilfish Gun Drones) make a respectable unit of eight for the second Fast Attack selection. Not flashy, I have come to hate these little zooming robots that harass my poor Guardsmen and get in the way of things…so now I intend to use them in the same manner.

    Have to do a Crisis Suit sometime as at least one is necessary for a commander. So with the three I picked up from Althanan and another three I traded for with (The Dark One) I started with three Fireknife configured suits to make an Elite choice, and another with twin-linked Fusion Blasters and a Targeting Array to serve as a Tank-Hunting Monat. Another two would be my Commander Models, one with Plasma, Multi-tracker and Missile Pod, and the other with a Fusion Blaster, Shield and Missile Pod. This gives me six suits to configure in all sorts of weird and wonderful combinations. Originally I had visions of using Rare-Earth Magnets to make the weapons interchangeable, but after drilling several arms and backs I dropped the idea…there are going to be enough magnets on the Devilfish, Hammerhead and Skyray.

    So this leads to another Elite slot, and what Tau army would leave home without the Stealth suits, I had acquired four old suits and three of the new ones, originally planning on using the old ones…but the size of the new ones convinced me to switch (so I have four old suits looking for a home right now). Since I already am designing some Crisis suits to go after armour I left the Stealth’s with the Burst Cannon combination. Although I did remove the antenna from the top of their helmets and place them coming off the backpack (this should protect them better for transport).

    For Heavy Support I have two Hammerhead/Skyray tanks, with the parts to make complete Skyrays or Hammerheads with the replacement of a turret. So a Rare Earth magnet or two is going to find its way into the main compartment, so that I have a good strong magnetic connection and have interchangeable turrets.

    Now I have also acquired two Broadsides, however they do not seem to fit into the scheme of my army, so the decision to include them or move them is still pending.

    What, no Kroot or Ethereal you ask? Well in the mechanized concept I had neither and with the numbers of Crisis Suits I could even make a Farsight Enclave army.

    So a test scheme:

    Here are the first six, their old Sept Schemes removed (thanks to Simple Green)

    I always like to do a group of models for a test make sure they look good togther and that I can churn them out at a good speed.

    The long painting war continues...


    PS: Log is now complete with pictures on the last page. Thanks for all the help and support getting this army painted.

    Some of the shots of progress.

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