Ok, to celebrate my 1000th post, I've decided to start a log at long last. I was supposed to start this last easter, but never got round to it, so It'll come as no supprise to you that most of the armys done but with apoc just released theres still much more to do, you won't get to see much of it just yet because I'm down at university and the armys at home.

So onto the plan

Main Army: My rag tag guard made up of various bits and parts and conversions, mostly done, but more to be added.

Next: Ork blood Axe mercs one the guard armys finished, I'll try and coincide this with when the new dex is released.

On off: I'm planning a small sister of battle army to be made up of non GW minis, I had a thread for suggestions a few weeks back for idea, still not many though, and a Free Company Space Marine, army, mostly inspired because I like the looks of the new chapter masters and want to use them as merc lords, still not sure how much converting I'll do on the army though to make them look more mecenary, so any suggestions would be apprecated.

ok onto pics, first stuff i did ages ago at home in the summer:

main colour scheme:

command squad

and now some stuff i've done recently:

Still waiting on an ebay delivery to do something next, but don't know how long it'll be (bloomin postal strikes)