This is my first thread so please be gentle:cries: Those of you in the U.S. may recall the "Great Mail Order Stock Room Disaster of Whenever the Hell That Was..."

Basically, five-ish years ago someone managed to knock over the shelves in the GW U.S. Mail Order HQ. The bitz were so thoroughly mixed up that Mail Order started selling bags of random metal bitz at $10 per pound. I was intrigued by the idea of buying a cheap uber-bitzbox ( converting is one of my favorite aspects of the hobby) so I bought 10 lbs of pewter. Much to my annoyance, (I play 40k mostly) I received 10 bags of Warmaster figs (empire).

I've just had them sitting around since then, but I'm wondering if there is any demand at all for Warmaster figs. I have over 700 bases in total just sitting around in a shoebox (inc. 200 of knights).

How much are the figs worth? Would trying to sell them all be easy, or more trouble than its worth?

comments/suggestions would be much appreciated