There are several bones I have to pick with the Defiler. Firstly, it's easy to argue as to where to target it. A lot of people will try to target a leg, or vice versa say that's not viable as you must target the hull of a vehicle. I think a base for the Defiler would solve this issue nicely- it would basically be just a base under the main body of the Defiler, and one would draw LOS to it, as vehicles have LoS drawn to their base; hull if they don't have one.

Second, the Defiler as it stands doesn't fit my fluff.

Thirdly, a Dreadnought does, but man are they volatile.

Now, the solution to all this that came to me was to convert a Dreadnought into a Defiler and use it as a counts-as Defiler.

Firstly, I'm wondering what you consider to be better configurations. I prefer the 2 extra DCCW configuration, idea being to rush forward firing and rip **** up in CC. Or perhaps keep the 2x Heavy Flamer?

Secondly, curious if you think this idea is viable rules-wise. Should I mount it on a larger base? I plan to anyway, but w/e.

Thirdly, if you have any tips for converting a battle cannon dread arm, that would be sweet. I want it to look like it has enough ammo without looking overbalanced.