Balor's Big Project Lives on! Well here are my Stories once more, they've been touched up a bit and more are to follow. This is the first of ten short stories depecting the Rise and Fall of Balor, The Black Count. Being the first, its not as well written as the others, but still provides the backgound to it all.

The Saga of the Black Count, Lord Balor
Death and Rebirth

Part 1: Death

Under the eerie night sky of perpetual darkness, Garran dashed through the bloodied fields, swinging his Daemon hammer at the gibbering hoards that surrounded and clawed at him. The eternal moonlight illuminated the horrific scene; Knights in shining armour were slowly being dragged down and torn apart by the swarms of daemonic creatures emerging from the Portal where a single solitary Marine stood, their target. An unholy tome in one hand and a flashing staff in the other, the chaotic warrior’s chants reverberated across the entire battlefield. Cries screamed out as one of the small pockets of Eldar resistance was overwhelmed, their defence shattered leaving several others exposed. Distracted momentarily and caught off guard, a massive Talon came down on him.

Garran winced, but the blow never landed. Looking up, he saw an unblemished sword hold the creature’s arm at bay. To his left, an Inquisitor of the Ordo Zenos struggled as the creature redoubled its efforts, but suddenly it buckled. Another flash of energy sent it off balance, giving him the time to bring his Hammer down upon the foul creature, banishing it once more to the warp. To Garran’s right was another fellow Inquisitor, but of the Ordo Hereticus, his eyes still burning with psychic might.

Together the three continued their desperate charge towards their target, casually hacking away at the nightmarish beings that blocked their path. Slowly, the Sorcerer stopped its psychic assault on the Eldar lines and turned to face the approaching Inquisitors, its eyes fixated upon his own and a voice echoed throughout his head. Words distorted and seemingly unintelligent, yet somehow familiar and almost comforting bombarded his mind relentlessly, weakening his resolve before he simply blacked out.

As the world slowly faded back Garran stood up, his face awash with cold sweat. A figure behind him motioned and laid a gentle hand on his shoulder.
“I assume the Nightmares have returned to plague you once more Garran” it spoke calmly.
Turning around, he was met with the youthful eyes of his lieutenant.
“Aye Moran, after all this time, they have returned to haunt me once more”
“It’s because we’re going to see him isn’t it”
At the mention, Garran flinched and guilt consumed him.
“It wasn’t your fault, you did what your duty commanded and he paid the price for faltering in the Emperor’s service.”
The young guardsmen continued, but the sounds of that battle had already filled his mind and closed his ears. A single Tear fell down his cheek as the shameful memory he had buried so long ago had once again been revealed.

************************************************** **********************

Balor Von Riley stared through the open window of his family citadel upon the vastness of the city below while the morning sun’s radiance warmed his built frame, taking with it the chill of the night while a gentle breeze rustled the leaves of the orchid below. Turning his head slightly to bathe his face, Balor began, his words confident yet carrying the brilliance of the morning, “Walter, has the Imperial Agent arrived?”

A figure motioned behind him, holding out a fine undergarment for him to put his arms through. “Yes my Lord, he is with your father right now, they are in the conference room”, replied the elderly retainer.
“And how goes his initial assessment of our fine planet so far?”
Handing over the rest of the royal uniform, the elder man answered “He is quite pleased with the result; apparently this planet is much like that of ancient Terra herself, sharing many geographical and meteorological similarities.” With that, he motioned himself towards the door while his charge finished dressing himself.

“Before you leave Walter, how has my older brother taken the news?” Balor questioned as he lifted up his family’s sword and placed it by his waist, its flawless blade glistened and reflected the sunlight.
“Lord Chronos, he has not taken the news so well, you know he disproves of any association with the Imperium.”
“Aye, too far and too greedy is what he says, but we need this relationship, the rumours of entire planets being laid waste to are far too dire to ignore any longer.” Fully garbed in his crimson and black uniform, Balor followed the retainer out of the room and they made their way to meet their guest.

************************************************** **********************

“Greeting your majesty, I am Polonius, Imperial scholar and representative for diplomatic relations” pronounced a well rounded man, bowing as he did so.
“No, no you are not my subject” replied a built but aged man, “Victor will be fine, just so long as you introduce you’re friend over there in the shadows.” The hidden figure took a step forwards, the sun revealing a stern hard face with a scar cutting deep into the left cheek. “And this is Garran, from the Emperor’s most holy Inquisitorial order.” Another step and the veil of darkness left the figure, the massive armour he wore betraying his tall frame.

“You bring an Inquisitor here; this was not discussed before, for what purpose?”
“He is here to evaluate the populace, while I am here to evaluate the planet, or have you forgotten Imperial policy on all the Emperor’s subjects!” The scholar replied sharply.
“Yes I know, I went through the holo-disks you sent, but you must understand, we are a centre of trade in this far region of the galaxy, and as such we are a hub for all manner of people. We care not about petty distinctions.”
The small Imperial man paused for a second, contemplating a thought, “Well, I’m sure Inquisitor Garran will be as lenient in his judgement as your generosity when it comes to tithes.” Upon hearing this, the Inquisitor made ready to interrupt, shocked at the offer, “This is madness, there is no quarter to be given!” He demanded.

“See father, I told you it was useless to negotiate with the Imperium” accused a forth figure, entering the room. “I told you that they would want to sap us dry and strip us of our independence.”
“Wretched child” bellowed Garran, “You are no better than the criminal filth you try to protect. This planet is in Imperial territory and as such, it is ours to claim.”
“Garran” yelled the scholar, “You are not the negotiator here, I am.”
“Chronos, back down this instant!” added Victor.
As quickly as he had entered, the young Prince turned and stormed off, leaving a deadly silence looming over the Conference room.

Balor entered the code on the locking device to the Conference room, “Well Walter, money is a small price to pay for the safety of the populace don’t you agree?”
“Yes my Lord, and so does the general public, only your brother scorns on this deal. I have other matters to attend to so if you’d excuse me…”
With that the massive door swung open and Balor was almost knocked off his feet as a figure pushed passed him from the other side.
“Father, you’ll bring ruin upon us all” The figure then turned to Balor, “and you, you’re the worst of them all, brining Father into this whole mess in the first place. I could have dealt with them myself; we’re strong enough to stand alone.” The enraged Chronos stormed out and Balor stood up, composed himself and entered the tension filled room.

************************************************** **********************