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    Forgeworld Epic listing con on ebay

    It appears that I am becoming the victim of a conman.

    On Sunday I won four bids on ebay for Forgeworld items. The prices are fair, about 60% of the normal Forgeworld prices, so I was happy. But something didnt add up when I got the invoice. Addresses didnt match, the seller was inconveniently unable to answer emails and other things that set alarm bells ringing in my head caused me to pause rather than pay up.

    This morning I had a warning from another eBay member saying that the seller was a conman who sold epic kits 'accidentally' labelled as Forgeworld kits. I read the item listing carefully, they were described as resin Forgeworld kits for 40K very clearly. So I contacted eBay.

    eBay are only interested in completing the sale and getting their listing and auction fees. I cannot, according to them, withdraw even though I suspect the sale is fradulent.

    So I come here. the person who warned me told me that the seller was notorious on and some members there took it upon themselves to warn potential victims.

    I couldn't detect anything wrong with the information I was gven at the actual auction listing, but everything afterwards told me not to trust the sale, and now I have warning messages from someone who posts here.

    I need PROOF that this sale is or is not on the level, and finding past histories that match will help me. If you know anything, or know a member who does please post here. I have limited time to contest this. Thankyou.
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