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Thread: Borsil's first ever uber log

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    Talking Borsil's first ever uber log

    The website I used to post a progress log on closed down this week, so I figured I'd set one up here to try and keep driving me through the process of building the 101 armies i have lurking in the depths of my warped, warped mind....

    Any way, I have, at the moment, the following projects:
    4500+ Fantasy Chaos, of which a giant and khorne knights still need building- the current project

    4000 points Dark Angels- completed for the time being.

    2000 points (ish) of Tau, needing a full repaint and update for the new codex - a long term project

    2000 points of Imperial Guard with Witch Hunter allies- this is fully painted, and for all intents and purposes completed, except that I want to increase it to 3000 points- a long term project

    AoBR Orks - the start of a 2nd xenos army for me!

    Skaven - the next fantasy battle project!

    ok, some pics of what i've done recently!

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