It's a hot topic at the moment and it seems like the rule has already been proven: the Always Strike First rule, a.k.a. Speed of Asuryan.

For High Elf players, old and new, it seems like a gift from the elven heavens. But I've seen some others complain about it. People who don't play HE think it will be too powerful in tournaments, and in any other given circumstance.

I guess that the speculation and dividedness hasn't been so great on a single rule, which isn't even published yet!

Doesn't it ring any bells?

High Elves are getting a lot of improvements, and pretty big ones too. I can't notice anything that reduces HE effectiveness/power. Then again, I might not be the expert to know. It might even be hidden so far away that the rumour squads couldn't pick it up.

The biggest improvement is Always Strike First. To date, members seem to agree that ASF has no exceptions, and that it is exactly what it says it does: always strike first. There might have been someone who wrote it's not making any sense at all, either way it's a long time ago I read "it's not as shiny as it sounds".

Think about it, if you charge any given High Elf unit, you'll be struck first? That sounds like a punishment for doing something good. Movement is maybe the most important phase, it is definantly Close Combat what GW aims you to do. I mean, what fun is it to run and flee, shoot and magic them to death instead? (remember 5th edition Wood Elves? 6 units of 5 Archers, 2x 5-8 Dryads, 5 Wardancers, 5 Waywatchers, 2 Eagles, Hail of Doom Arrow, Bow of Loren, Acorn of Ages, moving trees all around.... list continues, which featured pretty hard hitting elements too )

Now take any given fast cavalry/skirmish unit. How will they ever break/kill HE Archer units? They'll get attacks back, probably outnumber and a rank too! The whole temptation to take out the shooting is nullified.

So basically you get punished for doing 'the right thing'. That doesn't make sense to me. 2 Dragons in 2k, 6 Special and 4 Rare in 2k all make "fair" sense to me about what HE should be, but each unit ASF, with no exceptions:

Makes no sense to me.

This is not a rant, merely giving you a thought if ASF is really what it's supposed to be, or 'it's not as shiny as it sounds'.

What do you think?