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Thread: Litany of Hate, Word Bearers 40k log.

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    Litany of Hate, Word Bearers 40k log. - Sorcerer done

    Hi there, A quick introduction to this log then. In honour of the new chaos codex and the way it has neatly rendered my Emperor's Children obsolete I thought I would start a new project I have been thinking about for a little while now; A Word Bearer's Army.

    I eventually picked up a copy of the new 'dex and a plan began to form. As such I have today gone out and made the first purchases for my new warband.

    1 Huron Blackheart
    1 Chaos Terminator Lord
    1 Box of Chaos Space Marines (full ten man squad)

    And a bunch of red paint.

    These will be coupled with my extensive bits box of chaos space marines (two other CSM armies in the bag will do that)

    I plan to use a few new (to me) techniques when painting these models, Although I have yet to work out the colour scheme completely. I intend to use some NMM techniques and fully intend for everything to be properly highlighted. I don't get to play often so I intend to make these look as good as I possibly can, with no compromise. I also intend to use tihs log to develop my miniature photography skills.

    Some WIP shots and so on should be forthcoming shortly, but as I write I have yet to pick up a tool. However here goes with a shot of the "work area":

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