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    Apocalypse 40k Terrain

    Its about time that I had some decent terrain, now that Apocalypse is out I thought it would be appropriate to have something big.

    I intend to be making something worth fighting for so I plan to make some tank traps, barbed wire, sentry gun towers and fortifications.

    I have always liked the Forge World Imperial Fortress but I don’t have $2000 NZD to spend so I will make my own. After a recent successful dumpster diving drive by (rear window down, stop car, grab the good bits, throw it in the back on top of the unimpressed kids) I managed to acquire enough hi-density white foam to start.

    It will be for my Space Wolves, I cant imagine them being into the big pointy towers and so will drop them in favour of more guns! maybe some Vulcan mega blasters or something, don’t plan of having an Imperial Eagle on the front gate but a Thunder Wolf instead.
    Not too sure about all of the arches either, maybe it is required to break up the walls, can make that decision later.

    About 12 foot of 75mm thick white foam later and I am at this stage, spot the space marine?

    Looks like it will be mounted on 3 x 60cm sections, and about 40cm high, a bit bigger than I originally thought!

    Stay tuned for irregular updates.

    * * * * Index * * * *

    Shipping Containers, page 7

    PLANS - Fortress, page 10

    Scratch built Autocannons Page 10

    Scratch built Lascannons Page 11

    Fortress painted Page 13

    Plasma Generator Page 18

    Start of the Thunderhawk Page 19

    Ork WAAAHG Banner Page 21

    Start of DOW SM HQ Page 21

    PLANS - Air Traffic Control Tower Page 22

    Start of the Bastion mini fortress Page 22

    PLANS - Mini Fortress, Page 23

    PLANS - Dawn of War Armoury, page 26

    Start of the Defense laser Page 27

    10 man bunker Page 36

    PLANS - 10 man bunker, kindly supplied by Irondad Page 34

    Finished Promethium Refinery Page 40

    Finished Promethium Fuel Cracker Page 43

    oil drums/barrels Page 44

    Finished Promethium Bulk storeage tank Page 45

    Start of the Fortress of Retribution Page 47

    Road overpass Page 54

    Road overpass Sentry Post Page 55

    3 small fuel tanks Page 56

    Propane Tank and tripple tanks Page 57

    Lascannons for the new fortress Page 59

    1st half of the trench Page 60

    PLANS - Fortress of Retribution, by Irondad, Page 63

    6x4 cityfight roads, Page 66

    Borderlands/Fyrestone hab and Bar, Page 67

    Borderlands barriers, Page 68

    Borderlands wreck, Page 68

    Teleporter, Page 69

    DoW Heavy Bolter Turret, Page 70

    Borderlands Old Haven (Infinity), Page 71

    Double Barrel dice tower for Infinity, Page 73

    Bugbait out.

    20160715 - Server crash must have trashed all of the attachments, I have found 75% of them, will be getting them back up soonish

    20161229 - Attachments aren't working yet
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