I've built some nice buildings in 40k scale from foamcore and sheet styrene, some of which are, IMO, fairly nice looking. I don't go voerboard, mind, and make them suitable for miniatures in a post apocaplyse movie, but I make some nice ones.

Anyway, I wonder why we never have any rules for destroying buildings, especially the 'burnt out shell' type that are so prevelant in 40K and you can hide sommany troops in and shoot out of for cover saves?

I mean, if you think of it, a ruined, half collpased multi-floor building in 40k is indestructible, as opposed to a tank, dreadnought, etc.

I've even written a brief little story to illustrate the strangeness of the situation. Read and let me know if you enjoy it.

Warsmith Stark would have scowled, had he enough of a face left to do so. His attack on the imperial position had been well planned and was well on the way to success when an obstacle presented itself in the form of a half-collpased, burnt out shell of a building that had recently been a small hab-block for the sheep that passed for imperial citizens.

The remnants of 4 squads of the empror's drones, his much vaunted 'imperial guard', had taken refuge in the ramcrete hulk, and rained fire from the charred gaps in it's walls that had once been windows. Several of his elite warriors, some millennia old, had falled to the massed volleys of weak fire the drones had spat from their hiding hole, and their loss grated on Stark's nerves, both the organic and metallic ones. To die at the hands of a slave with a joke for a weapon was no fate for an Iron Warrior.

Well, the drones would have little time to savor their 'victory'. The ramcrete that composed the shattered wreckage they cowered in was a useful building material, light, strong and durable, but it was no match for serious weapons fire. One good ordance strike as it's base would collapse it like a house of cards.

The lucky slaves inside would be killed by the blast. The lest fortunate would be quickly crushed by the collapsing floors and walls of their 'refuge'. The truly luckless would be trapped and slowly perish from want of food and water.

If Stark had possessed lips, they might have turned up slightly at the last thought.

"Mechanitzar!" Stark snapped, establishing a link to the hulking defiler attached to his force. "Battle cannon round to the base of the building located at gridref K 4. I want it leveled."

"BY YOUR COMMAND." the demonic engine replied, it's words coming in a cacophany of voices, one mechanical, others the wails of things from the warp.

Within the massive armored hull of the war machine, mechanical servos and demonic sinews acted, wrestling a huge, blunt shell into the maw of the battle cannon protruding from it's chest.

Artificial auspex devices and demonic eyes fixed the range, a mind composed of roughlyu equal parts inorganic cogitator engine and living neural tissue calculated the proper trajectory.

A final series of minue adjustments were made by the consciousness operating the abomination against technology and nature to it's stance.

"BRA-KOOOOOM!" The cannon roared, to the orgasmic joy of the defiler's demonic symbiots. A hundred kilos of high explosive arced along a course computer moments earlier, landing at the base of the wrecked hab-block and detonated cataclysmically.

When he looked back over the rim or the crater he was taking cover in, Warsmith Stark was astounded to see the building still erect, at least as erect as it was a seconf earlier. It seemed impossible that such could happen, but there was no time to waste on wondering how the building had resisted the corce of the battlecannon round.

"Squad Thundera. Krak missiles to the base of the building at gridref K 4. Collapse it, now!"

Without wasting time to asknowledge the order, Havoc Squad thrudera obeyed. The squadleader stood, fixed the location and transmitted it to the helmet visors of the 4 missile launcher weilding warriors at his command. As one they stood, launchers coming into position as they rose, locked onto the target and let their weapons fly.

A quarter of krak missiles, powerful concussive charges that could crack open even the armor of a land raider, slammed into the base of the hab block on a flat trajectory. Their detonation was a single brittle "K-k-k-KRAK!" that reverberated down the streets and walls of the dying city.

The building paid no notice, not even quivering.

Stark's rage was rising, despite the famous stoicims of his Primarch and legion.
Struggling to keep it in check, he growled another order into the commnet. "Squad Azhanti! Lascannon bursts into the corners of the building at gridref K 4, it must be taken down now!"

Squad Azhanti carried out it's orders nearly identically of the other havoc squad, except the heavy weaponeers raised a quartet of lascannons instead of missile launchers, and targets 2 apeice to the corners of the target structure.

Their effect, or more accurately lack of effect, was completely identical.

Each lascannon unleashed enough force to penetrate the hull of any vehicle on the battlefield, even the necron monolith has fallen to them. it was impossible for a mere shell of ramcrete to remain standing after so much punishment....

Stark summoned the last reserves of his will to keep from exploding into a cahotic race, sensing the demons of the warp hovering nearby, ready to claim his soul should he let madness take it's toll.

"Squad Harbinger, attach melta charges to the base of the building at gridref K 4. Destroy it!"

Without question or hesitation, the members of squad Harbinger valted from their cover into a hail of imperial fire. While most of it failed to inflict harm due to it's inacuracy, weakness or the effects of proper apace marine armor, some of the warriors did not reach their target. The majority did, and affixed the specified weapons even as they were being being hailed with las and heavy bolter fire.

melta charges released enough thermal energy to vaporize nearly a cubic meter of ramcrete. ten of them had been affixed with the skill in demolition the irton warriors were justly famed for.

As the actinic green flash of their detonation faded, the ramcrete shell remained upright, it's occupants continued to jeer and pour fire at their betters.

"All Iron Warrior units, attention!" The voice of Ferrous Ironclaw, warsmith of the grand company, came across Stark's commlink. "Our attack has failed, Warsmith stark has failed to seize the objective, and it is now inextricably in Imperial hands. Withdraw."

Stark's mind simply disintegrated under the lash of failure. Roaring like an animal, he burst from his crater and charged the impossibly still erect building that had just destroyed his career, his life, everything. he was heedless of the rest of his forces falling back as ordered, nor did he notice the hail of fire that assailed him, burning his armor and cooking what little flesh remained beneath it.

Slamming into the ramcrete wall, Stark lashed out with his left arm and the missive powerweapon built into it, as well as the servearm affixed to his back.

He rained blows upon the ramcrete, each capable of crumbling the armor of a heavy war machine.

The building remained unscathed.

OK, that seems to be how buildings in 40k are now. Any rules for taking them down?