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Thread: Gods of 40k!

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    Gods of 40k!

    After a discusion witha firned on MSN i was wondering, what are all the gods of 40k?


    Imperium - The Emperor
    Imperium - Machine God
    Chaos - Khorn
    Chaos - Tzeench
    Chaos - Slaanesh
    Chaos - Nurgle
    Chaos That 5th guy who starts with m who cant me mentioned
    Eldar - The Laughing God
    Eldar - Khaine (Kaela Mensha Khaine), the god of war
    Eldar - Vaul, the Smith God
    Eldar - Y'nnead (not yet born)
    Eldar - Asuryan
    Eldar - Kurnous
    Eldar - Isha
    Eldar - Lileath
    Eldar - Gia
    Eldar - Morai-Heg
    Eldar - Cegorach
    Ork - Gork
    Ork - Mork
    Necron - Void Dragon
    Necron - The Deciever
    Necron - Nightbringer
    Necron - The Outsider
    "The Old Ones"

    Who am i missing here?
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