Iīm about to kick my own butt and force myself to get some project work done. Itīs a rather big one. I have a CSM army, which I try to paint to a pretty decent standard, and I started a SM force new. The aim is to build the armies to be playable but aswell to be part of a display in which the two forces clash. A lot of converting and painting has to be done, and this log keeps track of the progress.

In the beginning was the dread

His base shows the structure of a planetary surface as seen in the movie pitchblack (quite). Most bases of both forces will be that way.

Second is a squad of the marines. All converted to the treat that serves sure grip. Theyīll all get swords.

Last but not least is a character. Have not decided his role yet.

Sorry for the scrollbar of doom. Must learn how to post properly.
Someone tell me how to integrate the pics into the post itself.

So much for now, tell me what you think, updates acoming soon