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    Diary of a workbench

    Hi all,

    to train my english I decided to become member of new international Tabletop-Board. Former a member I get bored there and leave because I develop into a new direction creating more different stuff than only druchii. I wrote a short introduction about myself in the introduction board, if someone is interested in some general questions about me is invited to follow the link:

    Here I will show progress of my current projects, the development of them and of my skills. Iīm looking forward to discuss my work with you and hope you have some feedback, critic and ideas for me.

    A bigger project I work on is a small 500 pts Beastman Army with mark of slaanesh:

    The horde consist of:

    a shaman with mark of Slaanesh

    a herd of 7 gors / 5 Ungors

    a Chariot

    a unit of centigors

    Further I have made some experiments with Slaangors a year ago which I will continue to finsh a whole unit of them. This Slaangor is also basis for the design and the colour schema.

    The slaangor idea based on Raffaele Stumpos fantastic unit which won gold on GD italy 2004.

    Here some more progress on the things I actually work on:

    The herd:

    conversions WIP:

    note the miniature on the left side on the gor pic is a Slaangor which will be mounted on the chariot.

    painting WIP:

    The chariot:

    conversion WIP:

    The other things I will add as soon as they are ready for show them.
    Next two weeks I will brak the beastmen project for work on a small project, converting and painting a high elf noble for the Games Workshop high elf painting challenge. I will add pics this evening.

    Hope you like my stuff and look forward to a good conversation with all who are interessted in painting and modelling

    Regards GeOrc
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