Heya folks! New guy here! I've been lurking the Warseer forums for about 4 months now and I just can't stay away from posting. This place has some of the best talent I've seen on the web, and some of the best feedback as well.

I've been working on this project for some time now (about 4 months). It's been a fun little endeavor into game table modeling and has really given me a chance to focus a lot of thought and planning into a creative outlet past just painting the same marine colors over and over again.

The table is a 2'x4' piece, with static hills and terrain features. I decided to go this route so that I can really have a chance to make the table look really nice while still keeping it playable by not gluing down any other terrain.

The stepped hills were a compromise after a lot of thought and photoshop work. I kept it gentle enough to not make them cliff like, but sharp enough to give me plenty of surface area to play on. I originally cut the hills straight edged and they were already glued down. So to slope them, I filled the edges in with spackle that I then sanded down to the right shape and smoothed them out.

The entire board was covered in textured paint and sealed with multiple coats which gave me a nice base texture to work from.

My cliff faces were worked out of spackle that I gobbed on and let dry out. I used a GW sculpting tool to carve out the rocky cliffs and textured the area around them with sand and small rocks.