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Thread: 5th ed. rumour compilation (Ruleset)

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    5th ed. rumour compilation (Ruleset)

    Since there isn't currently an open thread about it, I thought I'd start a compilation thread for discussion of the rumours of a 5th ed. 40k coming next year (with new starter box). I don't have any info or confirmation myself, I just wanted a thread people can go to to talk about (or possibly debunk) these rumours.

    There have been a few rumblings about a rules revision in past months. There's also the fact that the studio don't appear to design codices for the 4th edition rules (at least where things like retinues are concerned). However, it's still possible that all this rumourage will never amount to anything. If you know more, spill the beans!

    Story so far:

    Shebnar said:
    ************************************************** *******
    OK, I'm going to post these other rumours appeared on GW Tilea: the source is trustworthy.

    - First of all, WH40K V Edition will see the light before summer 2008 (yes you read it right), just after the Codexaemons.
    There's not much in the new edition that is going to be radically changed, the things which will be modified for sure are:

    1) rules about vehicles
    2) damage chart for vehicles (MAYBE we'll have one only chart for glancing and penetrating hits, with modifiers according to the weapon which scored the hit - note that this is an uncertain rumour)
    3) rules about psychic powers
    4) small variations on HtH combat

    the source denied any further explaination.

    It has been speculated that the new Starter Box will include SM and Orks (both in plastic).

    Dosad said:
    ************************************************** *******

    Things I've heard about 5th edition:

    It will be released in 2008. I’ve been hinting at this in these forums for months now…I was told September/October, but maybe they are pushing it up for some reason. Maybe they are launching the new edition before they release the next supplement. Could have something to with the rules changes that they need the new system out before the next supplement.

    The new starter box will be Orks vs. Marines. Like BfSP it will have two small but complete armies. The new technology lets them put so much more stuff on a sprue and I've heard you get TONS of stuff in this box. I expect a vehicle or two (those rumors of a plastic killa kan have been floating around for some time) but I have no info to say what the contents will be beyond Orks vs. Marines (What do you think they are making those plastic grots for?). As an Ork player I am so very excited about this box…

    Rules wise I’ve heard that the vehicle damage chart will look like the Apocalypse one but for standard vehicles.

    I’ve heard nothing of a nerf for skimmers or any other major changes to the vehicle system. But that just means my source hasn’t told me anything or may not know himself.

    Two big changes I’ve heard about are changes to movement and (everyone wait for it…) changes to Rending! I posted these in a “rules idea” thread a few weeks back to see if anyone would notice…nobody did. I'm not going to go into detail now as I've been tourtured by the =I=nqusition before and do not wish to revist those dark places. But if you search for them, they are out there...posted as my own idea. (see how I do that? Like a f'n ninja!)

    I’ve heard that Combat Patrol and Kill Team are gone from the rule book. They will make a reappearance as their own supplement in 2009 with expanded rules for "space hulk" and "Necromunda" style games.
    They have been replaced with a much expanded mission system and campaign rules that are based off the Mighty Empires system for FB. I've heard that there are a few 40K specific tiles in the works. One being a hive-city tile.

    Dark Eldar are next after Deamons, beyond that I have no clue.

    That’s all I’ve got…well almost.


    Sakura said:
    ************************************************** ********
    Just a couple of things to add:

    ~Marching rule:
    if your unit is like 12" away from an enemy or something you can run them like a fleet roll to get them in cover.

    ~Skimmers dont get glances if they move 12" but the vehicle damage rules change so I don't know how this means anything right now.

    ************************************************** ********

    I said: all this stuff sounds like a bigger deal than 3rd/4th. Particularly changes to movement. Is it possible for troops to get generally faster without breaking the game balance of the 4th ed codices (1st turn charges and whatnot). Maybe changes to reserves and deployment (as in Apocalypse) will counteract this? Or maybe some of these changes won't turn out (like the S7 ignores armour saves rule that never was, for apoc)?

    Summary up to page 5:
    Smokedog said (paraphrase)
    ************************************************** ********
    Ivé heard that splitting fire on vehicles will be an option again... looks like they have been reading the 2nd ed rule book a lot recently....

    BS 6,7 may now have some meaning gamewise

    Mars said (essentially summary)
    ************************************************** ********

    info that hasn't been mentioned yet (from what I've read):

    - rending ignores armour/glances automaticly on a 6 to-wound/penetrate, instead of to-hit

    - the forced march is basicly Fleet of Foot, but you can't use it within 12" of an enemy, and you can't move in the assault phase. units who actually have Fleet of Foot suffer none of these limits

    But Brimstone said
    ************************************************** ********
    Originally Posted by WarpWhisperer
    Has anyone noticed that the suggested forced march rule appears to give the green light to pre-measuring? i.e. just 'checking' to see if I can march - oh dear, I can't, but now I know I can assault....

    That's assuming the rumour as stated is correct which it isn't.

    I think that running would be more like fleet but with added restrictions to still give 'fleet' models an advantage.

    I don't see any changes for fleet to be honest more like restrictions on the run ability.

    Atrum Angelus said
    ************************************************** ********

    Before summer 2008? There will be no 5th Edition before July 2008. I promise you.

    NEW: summary up to page 10
    Brimstone on the box set:
    ************************************************** ********
    Well I don't know that much about it except it should feature Marines vs Orks and will contain larger models than just pure infantry on both sides.

    Also, Thylacine sent me this by PM:
    ************************************************** *********
    No new rulebook next year, Shebnar made a wrong translation from Italian, mistook the interviewers question for the interviewees answer!


    NEW: nothing new to p14 (lots of discussion about forced marching though)
    Redshirts say 5th ed. isn't happening next year.

    A smidgen of info from p35:
    ************************************************** **********
    Did you hear that [perils of the warp] now inflicts an automatic single wound not a S6 hit? No saves of any kind allowed. (except Ghosthelms )

    'cause that's what I've heard.
    That will make people stop complaining that their farseers are T3 now.

    FINAL EDIT: Now I'm back for the new year I had planned to edit this with any tidbits from the most recent 15 pages of the thread. However Brimstone has taklen the trouble to do his own rounduphere, so it seems a bit redundant. Since Brimstone is a better reliability filter than I am, I suggest referring to his roundup for further discussion.

    Changes look quite significant to me, and the movement, scoring units, and combat resolution rules seem likely to have significant implications for internal army balance. Box set sounds more cool every time I hear about it.
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