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    Project Leviathan

    First, someone may ask what would possess you to take on a project like this. The answer ranges from "I like a challenge" to "Pure stupidity." For a few years now I had been wanting to do something grand, something that would really test my abilities. I also wanted to be able to enter it in the Golden Daemon competition (so this kind of limited it's size). I had scratch built a Baneblade and a Shadowsword in the past so I was looking for something more than just another super-heavy. After much thought I decided to go a step beyond to something truly behemoth: An Imperial Leviathan.

    For those of you who don't remember (or hadn't been born yet) the Leviathan was a super-heavy vehicle of the late Squats. After their departure from the 40K universe the vehicle was given to the Imperial Guard as a mobile command. It was also featured in the old video game Final Liberation.

    Before I could begin I had to draw up some plans and for that I needed reference material. Luckily I was able to dive into my White Dwarf archives and uncovered Issue 180, which had some old pictures in the traditional Squat colors of green, blue, and yellow (What were they thinking back then?). I also managed to capture some screen shots from the Final Liberation game.

    As I wanted to enter this in the Open Competition I knew I was limited to a max lenght of 18 inches, so that became my reference point. I took all the measurements: lenght, width, depth, from the Final Liberation screen shots and scaled them up to the desired lenght. Luckily, that seemed to be about the right size for the tank. Using this info, I was able to draw up some schematics for the thing. So here's where it starts, THE PLANS!

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