Reading the latest rumours, it seems rending is getting nerfed.
Probably it will auto-wound ignoring saves in CC and auto-glance on 6 against vehicles (like current gauss weapons). Itīs all rumours so far, but seeing them confirmed by Brimstone I think we can expect it to happen.

Well, letīs see, everyone complains now about rending guns, CC rending units are also a worry for many players.
So, letīs see, rending guns in marine armies have been reduced in number and made more expensive in the newest codex. (DA,BA). I think that with the new price, and the new rules, we wonīt see a Land Speeder Tornado in a very long time... Same as with AC on loyal termis, and loyal termis in general, who are getting more and more useless and expensive.
In CC troops. Genestealers are scary, as they are supposed to be, for their price they are quite balanced right now. Deadly in CC but frail like paper against shooting. They have to run the entire field to get to use their claws, and a wise opponent will be able to counter that.
Problems appear with the other popular rending troops:
Harlequins: veil of tears, a bunch of attacks, Ini 7 on charge, plasma grenades and the possibility to get a falcon as transport. You may think they need to be toned down, but they wonīt suffer that much with the new changes due to the psychic power "Doom", re-rolling to wound will cover the previous "autohit-wound".
Death Company: fearless, jump-pack, feel no pain, marine armour and the possibility of re-rolling to hit with a chaplain. The problem here is not rending, itīs the amount of other special rules they have. Again, they will suffer a "great" hit with the nerfing of the rule, but with the rerolling to hit because of the chaplain they will behave just as good as other actual rending units.

So, the only unit suffering greatly due to this change will be Genestealers, who where the first unit in the game having the rule and I think itīs common consensus that they are ok with it. Harlis and Death Company will still be effective due to re-rolling to hit or to wound. (and every special rule they have in addition).
And then we have the new expensive assault canon, which will get yet another hit with the change in the rules. Personally I thought that ass canons where ok in the nex codex, it was a question of time untill the limitations came to every loyal marine army and everything would be fine. But now, they are getting overpunished IMO.
The "nerfing" just comes to late, AC where already beeing balanced (the rumored SM redux woulf have solved it) and harlequins and Death company happen to have a way around the new parameters of the rule. It seems to me that they are going in the wrong direction with this change.
Bad news for tyranids it seems, now, the Godzilla armies will be even more present in any tourney list out there.

What do you think?