This was supposed to be the first squad of a crusade army but I'm strating to think (depending on peoples reactions to them) I might do the whole army in IS colours.

They're far from display quality but I wasable to knock out the squad in under a day (and when I've got almost 100 more marine to paint that's a big plus!)

I opted to deviate from the official colour scheme by not makingthe chapter icon blue. I'm not sure if you agree (please let me know!) but I figured with the predominant use of white, red and silver already, it didn't really need a coloured icon.

I'm posting to hopefully get some help with the bases. When I modelled them I was planning on doing them in urban rubble/wreckage with some small pacthes of snow to brighten things up, but I'm not sure if now the grey/white of the abse will compliment the modelsm or blend too much with them. Maybe a wet brown muddy colour with some patches of dead static grass and mud weathered up the greaves? any other/better suggestions?