With all the Holofields and Hammerheads flying around these days I was thinking about the reasoning behind why they got that rule in the first place. The reasoning was that they were able to duck and dive, generally avoid fire and therefore avoid taking serious hits.

Then I remember that it was similar to BFG's firing rules. Ships moving abeam to guns were far harder to hit, but ships bearing down on you or running away were much easier to target and land solid hits on.

The idea
How about a slight change to SMF rule that matches this? SMF only counts for shots/close combat attacks against the vehicle's side armor.

This actually helps helps the game/fluff aspect of the game a little when looking at the Hammerhead/Falcon comparison. Hammerheads are supposed to be sturdier built and more capable of taking incoming fire. Additionally, there's a reason to keep a Hammerhead still if you're taking your hits on your front armor. You can use the advanced landing mechanism on your vehicle.

My god... perhaps even use those sensor spines so concealment actually matters.

Falcon gravtanks would still be hard to kill at range but can't just plough directly into the enemy and shrug off enough AT firepower to kill a Land Raider ten times over. You have to think more about facing and plan ahead.

Perhaps these rules wouldn't work too well with regular light skimmers, so a ruling that they only apply to vehicles with AR12 front or higher might work. (with exceptions for the MOTRW and Vect's force field vehicles)

Combined with the rumoured vehicle table overhaul to make tanks generally more sturdy I think this could be a nice fix and a good houserule to use in the meantime. Going to suggest it to the club this wednesday.

What do you think?