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Thread: Ninners' Log of Sci-Fi (ness) (Pic heavy)

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    Ninners' Log of Sci-Fi (ness) (Pic heavy)

    So, after putting it off for months I have decided to start my own painting log. This log will contain all of my 40k stuff, as I have gone off fantasy almost entirely. Running up to Christmas they're might not be many updates, but after that there will probably be a lot more!

    I want my log to be a bit different to most of the logs out there (hey, I'm different to most people out there as well!). I'm going to get you folks to decide what I paint / convert / buy for my armies. As long as it is nothing like "apocalypse army of snotlings" or "paint that Great Unclean One pink".

    So, onto the pics

    Me in all my nurgle glory:

    My workspace:

    My white dwarf collection:

    My school league best army trophy (yay!):
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    My log of sci-fi stuff

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