Well, my local Warhammer group had a recent workshop on airbrushes that impressed me greatly (20 Necron warriors painted in 30min, when it takes me like 4 hours with regular brush to get that many! Vehicles done in nice patterns in minutes! ) and my folks apparently took my interest as a sign to get me a airbrush for Christmas. Now I just need some purchasing advice. I already know I want a double-action after seeing some tricks with blowing pure air, and a gravity feed looks best; also leaning towards Badger since apparently it's easy according to my group to get the parts for them local. Beyond that though my knowledge ends, so I wanted a little more help.

First question of course is what brands/models in particular work well for Warhammer minis if you have any suggestions there. Again I'm leaning towards Badger but so long as the brush doesn't need bits that are hard to get in the USA I'd be willing. Second, is there anything special I need to look for in an air compressor? Are they specific to particular brands or can I get pretty much any model compressor hooked up to any airbrush with the right hoses? Place I'm at on vacation at moment has a nice batch of airbrush compressors on sale if I can get away with any model for my stuff. Finally, any additional stuff I should pick up along with the airbrush and compressor?