As the most enthusiastic Necromunda player at my local GW bunker I've been wanting to start a campaign for a while. The problem is that I've never participated in (let alone run) such a campaign before.

I've had a sign-up sheet in the store for a while, there's about half a dozen players interested in playing, so the interest level seems to be there; I'm not worried about numbers.

My initial plan was to run it essentially as a very loosely-organized campaign; there would be a leaderboard, and players would organize their own games, inform me of the results, and I'd update the gang ratings on the board. Once a month or so I'd have some kind of special event (Gang mega-battles, or something along those lines).

Does anyone here have any suggestions for events, campaign styles, etc...? Any good experiences I should try to replicate? Tried anything that didn't work out that I should avoid? Thanks a lot for the help!