ok so here s how you can determine your stats. Are you ready? have paper and pencil handy? we re going to go over all the stats, and you can play along at home!!!

Are you an olympic track and field winner? M4
Are you a lazy gamer? M4
Are you missing a leg? M4
Weapon Skill
Are you some dude with no real training WS2
Do you have a black belt or have you gone
through boot camp? WS3
Are you an elitely trained Badass WS4
Are you an elected official in your area WS5
Ballistic Skill
see above
Are you reliant on alchemical potions to live
or are you a lizard? S2
Are you of average build? S3
Do you have even odds fighting a horse? S3
Are you an elite fighter who has to wear his
own weight in armor every day? S4
Are you an elected official in your area S4
Are you skinny? T3 (you may never have higher, even if elected)
Do you have a pot belly? T4
Do you weigh more than 265pounds? T4
Are you an elected official? T4
Simple formula, your wounds equal the number of limbs you would have to lose before you stop fighting.
see weapon skill
Are you the bravest meanest fightiest guy all your friends know personally? then you have 2 attacks
Are you an elected official? Then you get 3
otherwise enter 1
Are you malnurished and/or unloved? Ld5
Are you a soccer hooligan? Ld6
Have you gone through Bootcamp? Ld7
Where you in a unit of special forces, or
commandoes? Ld8
Are you an elected official? LD9

Other notes on how your hobbies play into it.
Are you church going? You get Hatred, or a Ward save (i guess this part is based on denomination? )
Are you naked and on drugs? You get Frenzy.
Do you have lots of body art and piercings? You cause fear (like an ogre)
Do you see things that other people don't? You can see the winds of magic and are a level one wizard (or just psychotic)

i hope you all enjoyed this test