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Thread: No Ork Megaforce?

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    No Ork Megaforce?

    I just got my WD a few days ago and noticed in the 'Future releases" section there is no mention of the Ork megaforce (the one with the codex) to be released in December.

    Now this struck me as odd since GW has been doing the big box (w/ codex) a month ahead of time for ages.

    Now we have to wait until January 12th to get the dex.

    This comes off as kind of stupid to me, because they are releasing everything a month after Christmas. One would think that releasing it in December would generate more sales since everyone is going mental with their Christmas buying insanity. Now, correct if I’m wrong, but isn’t January the slowest month of the year?

    One other possibility came to mind is that this is part of GWs attempt (though be a lame ass one) to counter pirating codices before the release date. On one hand yes it makes the demand for the 'dex even higher, but then on the other hand the online dex is easily accessible to anyone inclined enough to get it. Why did they decide to inadvertently punish those of us who actually buy the codex? Or did they figure out that having one release date was better?

    I for one always bought the box for the dex and sold off the remaining bits to bandwagoners (mostly the younger kids, or college imprisoned folks that can't afford it).

    In the end it doesn’t bother me at all, it just seems strange that GW doesn’t want my $275 twice a year, but instead will settle for $35.

    EDIT: It appears there is already another Thread in News and Rumours on this subject

    Mods feel free to close this thread if it proves to be no help on the subject.
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