Sorry for the length in advance.

I've stayed considerably out of the loop concerning warhammer figures, although sometimes insipration still hits, and I want to see if something is possible, then fine-tune the theoretical concept before spending fifty bucks to mail order parts and find out they're not quite what I was thinking. Hopefully someone out there can help me out.

So, firstly, I'm asking all marine players, Chaos and regular, if they know of any good powerfist bits on sprues or metal guys anyplace.

If I'm remembering correctly, there's plenty of left-handed power fists to go around, [and I'm wondering which sprues the Space Wolf one and the pointing Chaos one are from, as I think those are the only two pieces with fingers that look functional.]

But more importantly, are there any right-handed powerfists out there that look similar to the plastic left ones? The new plastic Space Marine Terminator's lightning claws still look too different when you trim away all the claw bits and wiring, and that's really the only recent model I've had a good look at.

Basically, I'm trying to come up with a model with a pair of matching powerfists, mostly for the 'boxer/brawler' kind of look, rules wise it'll probably end up as a power fist / close combat weapon, like how the combat servitors are.

And as a marginally related side-note, are there any SOB players out there who can recommend their favorite looking metal Sister models? The official website is full of holes, and the Witch Hunters codex lacks any sort of comprehensive picture-list. [And browsing the blisters in the store can only get me so far.] Another conversion I'm also pondering over is making a Witch Hunters commander model. In this case, I'm thinking about replacing both arms at about the elbow, for a couple weapon swaps, [pretty much ruling out any of the bolter-across-the-chest sisters.] but want a nice base to work off of.

Although the official Canoness model with all the different hands is a fairly nice one, I'm not too fond of the chest-plate, which looks kinda pointy and squished vertically to me [the stomach seems to be too short]. And while I'd really like to use Saint Celestine's model, I'm not too fond of the face on her. So for all you SOB players out there, while painting up your metal armies, and getting a really close look, were any of the troops and veteran superior models that stood out, in terms of pose or detailing? Right now I'm leaning towards one of the Seraphim models, or maybe a heavy weapons trooper, since all these models either have their arms off to the side ready to be cut off, or the heavy weapon isn't connected to begin with. However, again, the problem here is that I've never seen any heavy weapons model up close without the gun glued on, and from the looks of the Seraphim, their feet seem to be a little too long, and may need to be rebuilt to get them in a standing pose.

Or maybe there's an eldar/dark eldar model somewhere which would be a better base, assuming I replaced the helmet for a SOB one? Or maybe even a fantasy model? Being an out-of-the-loop 40K player, I've never even glanced at a non-orc fantasy model in quite some time. Maybe even one of those specialty games? Are they still releasing new Necromunda models?

Anyway, this post looks really long, so if you just skipped down to the end, to summarize:

Question 1: What are some good models/sprues to get a right power fist, and what are some good models/sprues to get a left power fist?

Question 2: What model would you recommend to be a suitable base for a Witch Hunter HQ/Elite model, based on their all-metal army? Specifically, one with a detailed body and torso, but with arms that would be easy to remove and replace. [Or maybe even a female Eldar / Dark Eldar / Warhammer Fantasy Armoured Female model that you think might work well.] And either a well-done face or helmet, I'm kind of on the fence for that detail right now.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions, and I hope this lengthy post is worded well enough for you to get what I'm trying to say.