Well guys, after that Freakforge sent me an e-mail only to make me put this post with my (last) huge project, and that is already posted in the General Project Logs, I decided that for one time I would grant him the victory and continue this project.

I will not post the pics with the olds steps but I leave you the url of my photobucket album, so take a look:


Now the Titan is 103 cm (41,2 inches) tall, but it will be 10 cm taller because I want that it looks like the Epic Warlord so I have to make those two towers that has in the top.

Well, every idea and sugestion is wellcome.

P.D: Freak, para que luego digas...mira que hacerme pasar la vergüenza de escribir en ingles...con lo mal que se me da...