Okay so since 7th grade (right now im in tenth) ive been a real lazy kid. I do minimum requirement in everything and i want to start working hard, but im just too lazy. I know this is a stupid question (one person i asked just told me to go out there and work hard, but its not that easy) but i was wondering how the heck do i get a good work ethic! I want to get into Georgetown, and im taking three college courses next year that will help me get in and my grades are mostly b's , even with my not turning in a lot of work and doing the minimum on most of the stuff i do. A lot of people envy me because i do no work and yet i get b's, but i really, really, really! want to get a's and i havent found anything that works. The only thing i do now is make sure that i do all my classwork because its 50% of my grade so if i get an A in that im most likely going to get an a in the course.

Unfortunately, even though i say im trying, im really not. In my chemistry class i have a 0.0%, which can be explained by me not turning in the three assignments that have been due so far. I find that i forget lots of things, like my homework, and stuff not related to school, like calling this girl who needed to talk to me but i didnt so she was really pissed. Ive got so many examples, and that worries me. I cant even paint my armies!!!