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This sounds like you've put a decent amount of thought into it. I'll have a chat to my brother and see if he'd like to go up against these rules. If so I'll get back to you with how they seemed to work for us.

I am curious how they thought players could make a flying circus. There are only 4 FOC slots that can have winged tyranids. And those are only possible from the FA and HQ choices. What were the thinking when they came up with that?
My guess is that they intended that players may out the flying slots and then go min on the ground troops. It sounds nice but it's expensive as H*** in both points and $. The only thing that would make it possible (and viable) would be point and $ cheaper winged troop Gargoyles in plastic and a second flying Tyrant or flying warriors in an elite spot. Getting rid of Bio-plasma would probably chop their points by 4 but it's a great ability that makes them a lot more combat powerful. I love my Gargoyles but man I wish they were cheaper to buy and field. Not to mention I'd love to give up the fleshborer for scything talons.