I am asking this question stricktly to get opinions.

What would you pay for prepainted minis? I realize that there are quite a few factors involved, ie quality, time of delivery, complexity and etc... But for the sake of arguement lets say this:

A ten man squad, based with sand and static grass, painted to the standard we see in the color plates in almost any codex with minor conversions and special basing for the squad leader and delivered within 2 weeks of order.

I am sure that is still pretty vauge for some, so just assume good quality all around as if the minis were strait from the box.

I am asking because of what I see stuff go for on ebay, and other sites. I also wonder how many find painting to be a bore, or if they would never dream of fielding any army they had not painted.

I find myself amazed that Golden Demon winning minis go for thousands of dollars on ebay and such. I myself would rather pay that money to have a few good lessons with the winning painter.