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Thread: Kaptin Hortwork's Freebootaz - a slow Hortwerth's Orks project log

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    Kaptin Hortwork's Freebootaz - a slow Hortwerth's Orks project log

    Arr there matey!

    This log will most likely be extremely slow as this will be my personal army - I will do it only when I find a bit of time between commissions. I'm extremely eager to build a lot of Orky stuff, I just don't have time to do it!

    The army will be Freebooter-themed visually with bitz of piratey stuff thrown here and there.

    Anyways, some of you may remember my Barry ( a scale-reference ork):

    I needed to find a quicker way of painting all these boyz, and I did.

    Here's my first unit in their scratch Trukk:

    Anyways, I threatened I'll start the Orks after Ad Mech and hereby I stuck to my word!

    Comments, opinions, suggestions and questions welcome! As is gaming help and unit composition help!
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