Hopefully this is in the right forum.

Anyway, i have decided to collect at least a small force in every major fantasy race, i shall do bigger armies of the ones i really like, or enjoy playing/painting/modelling with, etc.
So my question to you guys is, do i buy the books now or do i only buy the ones that have been recently/fairly recently and so arn't going to see an up date for a while.
So as an example high elves were the last fantasy book to be redone, therefore, its safe to say they won't see an update for a while, now what about armies like skaven, do i get the book now, or wait till the update.
Hopefully you will see method to my madness, and be able to give some insight into what im getting at.

Cheers guys for any help or input you might have on this.

PS. here are the books i currently have: hordes of chaos, dark elves, wood elves, orcs and goblins and lizardmen(some of these i bought before i decided to do what im doing now, and the others i got given from by friends)