my friend has been looking into starting warhammer fantasy, and based on what he is looking for in an army, I hav suggested dwarfs. He wants strong and reliable infantry that wont break unless under severe duress. ive seen dwarfs played a lot, and only once as an cc infantry heavy list. he does not want to do the whole sit on a hill with more guns than enemies thing. he wants a combaty army supported by some shooting. im no expert on dwarfs, but would this b viable. hes pretty set on dwarfs after looking at them for a bit, but i really dont want him to get into the game and then just lose every battle so would this army type (cc heavy with some shooting behind) work. also, he doesnt exactly lik "fancy" stuff. what i mean by that is the complications of things such as magic and complicated rules. in time obviously after exposure he will understand it and b more drawn to it. I figured dwarfs require little in the way of "fancy" things. i thought they could be pretty reliant on their blocks, and worry less about having to hav supreme coordination and all. im definitely not saying dwarfs are easy or anything of the like. i just think they would fit what he wants and not b an army he would lose all of his first games with. i started with HE before new book, and i had it pretty hard going into a strong gaming group filled with good tacticians, bretonnians and woodies and whatnot. anyway i went pretty much even or a little positive (lik 4-2 or something), but since our actual GW moved, i havent played with anyone at the new place im going to go to. all in all, i dont want him to get really discouraged in the first game. would this b likely to happen with dwarfs in that army style? any feedback greatly appreciated.