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Thread: Jetfire to Warhound: turning old toys into titans!

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    Jetfire to Warhound: turning old toys into titans!


    I have been putting this off for ages! But now's the time to get it off my chest.

    I was clearing out the loft a few months ago and discovered a box of my old transformers/star wars toys/he-man stuff. I decided to sell them all so that we didn't have to move them. And also because I have plenty of other toys to play with

    Then, in another thinking-session I was musing over how nice it would be to make a Chaos Warhound titan. Of course, gazing lovingly at the Forge World chaos titan didn't help.

    And then it hit me! I remembered that Jetfire (the Autobot that transformed into a fighter jet) had a sort of halfway transformation where he stood on his legs but his "jet" body stuck out on top, with his arms hanging down. In fact, like the picture attached.

    I dug Jetfire out of the box (sold the rest), looked back at the Forge World titan, got a pad of paper and a pen.... and a plan started to form....

    P.S. I've actually made and painted my warhound titan, I'll just have to do separate posts for reasons of the attachments....
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